Clarendon Schools’ Preston pupils 1625-1905

Public schools helped preserve or enhance the social status and wealth of the families who sent their offspring to them. Several sons of Preston families benefited from this path to privilege. Here those who attended Shrewsbury School, Westminster School and Winchester College are considered. An overview can be found at:

Public School Prestonians

And information on Preston pupils at other schools can be found at the following links:

Manchester Grammar

The published on-line registers of entrants to Charterhouse, Shrewsbury School, Westminster School and Winchester College cover the period 1625-1905

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There are at least 38 pupils in the above registers who entered the four schools between 1625 and 1905 whose fathers lived in the Preston area or whose later career brought them to the district. There will be more: the ones listed here were found by simply searching the on-line registers for occurrences of the word ‘Preston’. The families included many connected with the cotton industry such as the Birleys, the Calverts and the Horrockses, and representatives of the local landed gentry such as the Rawstornes. The lists include John Burgoyne, who was the town’s MP for 24 years from 1768, having won his seat in one of the most violent elections of the 18th century.

The residences of the pupils listed here make clear their elevated social status, including as they do: Ashton Park, Bartle Hall, Croston Rectory, Frenchwood House and Hutton Grange. Occupation details are provided for 25 of the pupils: clergyman (8, possibly 9), lawyer (6), MP (6), archaeologist (1), civil servant (1), cotton merchant (1), doctor (1) and schoolmaster (1). The last was the eldest son of Alfred Beaven Beaven, the headmaster of Preston Grammar School at the end of the 19th century; his three brothers attended Rugby School. There is little information on the occupations of the other parents: three are listed as clergymen, one as lawyer and the antiquary Roger Dodsworth, who married into the Rawstorne family and lived at their property, Hutton Grange; more information on Dodsworth can be found in Lawrence Rawstorne’s biography.

The Registers


Dates after name refer to the years of entering and leaving the school


Addison, Thomas Batty, 1802-3. Son of John Addison, of Preston, b. 1788. Barrister. Recorder of Preston. [1]


Shuttleworth, Edward, 1817. Son of T. Starkie Shuttleworth, of Ashton Lodge, Preston, Lanc. b. 1806. St. John’s Coll. Cam. Vicar of Egloshayle, Cornwall. Hon. Canon of Truro. [2]

Shuttleworth, John, 1817. Brother of the above, b. 1804. Lawyer at Preston. [3]


Shuttleworth, William, 1819. Brother of the above, b. 1808. Lawyer and Town Clerk at Liverpool ; deceased. [4]


Radcliffe, Edmund Ford, 1826. Son of Rev. Edmund S. Radcliffe, of Walton le dale, near Preston, b. 1812. Indian Civil Service; died 1864. [5]


Horrocks, Edgeworth, 1840-44. Son of Peter Horrocks, of Penwortham Lodge, Preston, Lanc. b.1829. Of Mascalls, Kent, and Hill House, Oxon.[6]


Master, Robert Streynsham, 1874. Of Croston Rectory, Preston. [7]


Wilson, Thomas Harrocks [Horrocks?], 1875. Son of T. Wilson, Cooper’s Hill, Preston, Lancashire. [8]


Park, Philip, b. 13 April, 1865. (Lockites); Left L.Q., 1882. J.P. (County of Lancaster & Borough of Preston); Mayor of Preston, 1895, ’96. Altadore, Preston. [9]


Calvert, Richard, b. 7 Sept., 1874. (Robinites-Hodgsonites); Left C.Q., 1893. Trin. Coll., Camb.; B.A. Solicitor. Ashton Park, Preston, Lancashire. [10]


Eccles, John Gilbert Luis. b. 20 July, 1875. (Verites); Left L.Q., 1892. Withy Grove, Bamber Bridge, Preston. [11]

Calvert, Herbert, b. 1 Aug., 1876. (Hodgsonites); Left C.Q., 1895. Trin. Coll., Camb. B.A. Cotton Spinner & Manufacturer. Ashton Park, Preston, Lancashire. [12]


Wilson, Cecil Edwards. b. 19 Dec, 1889: s. of E. T. Wilson, of Preston; (Weekites). Died at Charterhouse, 17 October, 1907. [13]


Rea, James Trevelyan. b. 17 June, 1891: s. of J. M. B. Rea, of Preston; (Verites); Left O.Q. 1905. J. T. Rea, Esq., Frenchwood House, Preston. [14]

Shrewsbury School


Oswald Milne, left 1828; of Preston, co. Lancs. [15]


Henry Glanville Barnacle, b. 1849; left 1867; St. John’s Coll., Camb., B.A., 1873; Astronomer on the British Government “Transit of Venus Expedition” to the Sandwich Islands, 1874; F.R.A.S., 1874; ord. 77; Vicar of Gleadless, Yorks., 1881-2; of Holmes Chapel, Crewe, 1882; Principal, St. John’s Coll., Grimsargh, Preston, Lancs., 1898. [16]


George Bladon, left 1865; C.C.C. Camb., B.A., 1879; ord. 79; Vicar of Higher Walton, Preston, 1892. [17]


John Marcus Beaumont Rea, b. 1860; C. xi.; left 1877; B.N.C., Oxon. Frenchwood House, Preston, Lancs. [18]


Charles Oliver Stanwell, b. 1860; left 1876; Owens’ Coll., Manchester, and Edinburgh Univ.; L.R.C.P. (Edin.), and L.R.C.S., 1885. Frenchwood Avenue, Preston, Lancs. [19]


Thomas Henry Dickson, b. 1876, [S.H.]; left 1894; L.N.W.R. Engineering Works, Crewe. Oakfield, Salwick, Preston. [20]


Harry Wilding, b. 1881, [S.H.]; left 1897. Myrtle Grove, Nooklands, Preston. [21]


Arthur Hubert Dickson, b. 1885, [S.H.]; left 1902; Solicitor. Oakfield, Salwick, Preston. [22]


George Haughton Swainson, b. 1886, [F.S.] left 1901. 3, Avenham Colonnade, Preston. [23]

Westminster School


Dodsworth, Robert, son of Roger Dodsworth, of Hutton Grange, near Preston, Lancs, antiquary, by Holcroft, widow of Lawrence Rawsthorne, of Hutton Grange, and daughter of Robert Hesketh, of Rufford, Lancs; b.; at school under Osbaldeston; Christ’s Coll. Camb. (adm. sizar April 16, 1634, aged 20); B.A. 1637/8; Vicar of Barton-on-Humber, Lincs, 1642; Rector of Burton by Lincoln 1642; m. 1st, – Wilkinson; 2nd, Alice, widow of Robert Stamford, of High Ash, Lancs, and daughter of Thomas Stirrup, of Lincoln; buried at Fishlake, Yorks, Jan. 7, 1645/6. J. Peile’s Biog. Reg. of Christ’s Coll, vol. i, p. 431. [24]


Wyche, Sir Cyril, second son of the Right Hon. Sir Peter Wyche, Kt., English Ambassador at Constantinople, by Jane, daughter of Sir William Meredith, Kt., of Wrexham, co. Denbigh; 6.; adm.; K.S. in 1649; contributed a copy of verses to Lachrymae Musarum (1649); Ch. Ch. Oxon., matric. Nov. 27, 1650; B.A. Feb. 17, 1652/3; M.A. 1655; D.C.L. 1665; adm. to Gray’s Inn May 1, 1657, called to the bar June 15, 1670; knighted at the Hague in May 1660; one of the Six Clerks in Chancery Jan. 28, 1662-1675; M.P. Callington May 1661-Jan. 1678/9, East Grinstead Feb. 1680/1-March 1681, Saltash April 1685-Feb. 1687, and Preston July 1702-April 1705; Secretary to Henry Sidney, Lord Lieut. of Ireland, 1692-3; M.P. (I.) Dublin Univ. Sept. 17, 1692-June 26, 1693; P.C. (I.); one of the Lord Justices of Ireland 1693-5; a Commissioner for the Irish forfeitures 1700; F.R.S. May 20, 1663, President Nov. 30, 1683-Nov. 30, 1684; m. May 15, 1692, Mary, eldest daughter of George Evelyn, of Wotton, Surrey; d. Dec. 29, 1707. See Dict. Nat. Biog., lxiii, 192. [25]


Pulteney, Daniel, eldest son of John Pulteney [d. 1726, q.v.], and first cousin of William Pulteney [q.v.], Earl of Bath; b.; at school under Knipe; Ch. Ch. Oxon. (fellow commoner), matric. July 15, 1699, aged 15; Envoy to Denmark; a Commissioner of Trade 1715-June 1720; M.P. Tregony March-Nov. 1721, Heden Nov. 1721-March 1721/2, and Preston from March 1721/2; a Lord of the Admiralty Oct. 10, 1721-June 1725; Clerk of the Council in Ireland 1726; an implacable opponent of Walpole; his failure to overthrow that minister so preyed upon his spirits that it “threw him into an irregularity of drinking that occasioned his death” (Coxe’s Walpole, vol. ii, pp. 558-60); m. Dec. 14, 1717, Margaret Deering, daughter of Benjamin Tichborne; d. Sept. 7, 1731; buried at St. James’s, Westminster, but his remains were subsequently removed to the east end of the South Cloister of the Abbey, where there is a monument to his memory. See Diet. Nat. Biog., xlvii, 24. [26]


Franks, Abraham, son of John Franks, of Preston, Lancs; b.; adm.; K.S. 1698; elected to Trin. Coll. Camb. 1702 (adm. pensr. June 6, 1702, aged 17, scholar April 23, 1703, min. fellow Oct. 1, 1708, maj. fellow April 15, 1709); B.A. 1705; M.A. 1709; D.D. 1728; occasional Tutor of Trinity Coll.; refused to sign the petition to the Bishop of Ely against Bentley; ordained deacon (Ely) May 23, priest June 11, 1714; Rector of West Dene, Wilts, from 1714; Prebendary of Salisbury from Aug. 1, 1720; Chaplain in Ordinary to George II; m.; d. Oct. 2, 1733. [27]


Burgoyne, John, second son of Capt. John Burgoyne, a man of fashion, who died in the rules of the King’s Bench, by Anna Maria, daughter of Charles Burneston, of Hackney, Middlesex; b. Feb. 4, 1722/3; in school lists 1733, 1735-8; an intimate friend of James Stanley Smith [q.v.], Lord Strange; Cornet 1st Royal Dragoons July 14, 1743, Lieut. Feb. 22, 1745, Capt. July 1, 1745; being overwhelmed with debt he sold out Oct. 31, 1751, and retired to France, where he resided for some years; re-entered the army on the outbreak of the Seven Years’ War, and was appointed Capt. 11th Dragoons June 14, 1756; Capt.-Lieut. and Lieut.-Col. Coldstream Guards May 10, 1758; served in the expeditions to Cherbourg and St. Malo 1758-9; raised the 16th Light Dragoons and was gazetted Lieut.-Col. -Commandant Aug. 4, 1759; served in Portugal as Brigadier- General under Count La Lippe Buckeburg in 1762; Brevet Col. Oct. 8, 1762; Col.-Commandant of the 16th Light Dragoons March 18, 1763; Governor of Fort William 1765; Major-Gen. May 25, 1772; served in America in 1775, and was present at the battle of Bunker Hill; was second in command under Sir Guy Carleton in Canada in 1776, and in supreme command in 1777; Lieut.-Gen. Aug. 29, 1777; surrendered to Gates at Saratoga Oct. 17, 1777; allowed by Washington to return to England, where he was deprived of the command of the 16th Light Dragoons and of his post as Governor of Fort William; on the return of the Whigs to power he was made Commander-in-Chief in Ireland June 7, 1782, an Irish Privy Councillor, and Col. of 4th Foot; M.P. Midhurst March 1761-March 1768, and Preston from Nov. 1768; proposed in 1772 that the East India Company should be controlled by the Government; made a violent attack on Clive in May 1773, and was a manager of the impeachment of Warren Hastings in 1787; contributed to the Rolliad and Probationary Odes; author of The Heiress (1786) and other plays; m. in 1743, Lady Charlotte Stanley, youngest daughter of Edward, 11th Earl of Derby, and sister of James Stanley Smith [q.v.], Lord Strange; d. June 4, 1792; buried in the North Cloister. See Dict. Nat. Biog., vii, 340. [28]


Shuttleworth, Humphrey, third son of Nicholas Shuttleworth, of Durham city; b. Jan. 29, 1736; adm. Dec. 1743; K.S. 1749; elected to Ch. Ch. Oxon. 1753, matric. June 27, 1753; B.A. 1757; M.A. 1760; Vicar of Kirkham, Yorks, Aug. 19, 1771, and of Preston, Lancs, Oct. 30, 1782-Sept. 26, 1809; Prebendary of York from July 16, 1791; m. Feb. 28, 1774, Anne, daughter of Philip Hoghton, and half-sister of Sir Henry Hoghton, Bart.; d. Aug. 14, 1812. [29]


Heber, Richard, son of Thomas Heber, of Preston, Lancs; b.; adm. (aged 16) July 1744; left 1746; Brasenose Coll. Oxon., matric. July 3, 1746; d. July 22, 1766. [30]

Law, Edward, brother of William John Law [q.v.]; b. Aug. 7, 1790; in school list 1801; K.S. (Capt.) 1804; elected to Ch. Ch. Oxon. 1808, matric. May 27, 1808; B.A. 1812; M.A. 1815; B.D. and D.D. 1844; Chaplain to his uncle the Right Rev. George Henry Law, Bishop of Chester; Vicar of Holy Trinity, Preston, Lancs, 1814-20; Chaplain to the British Embassy at St. Petersburg 1820-64; m. May 2, 1816, Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Peploe Moseley, of Rolleston, Staffs; d. Nov. 10, 1868. [31]


Standish, Sir Frank, Bart., eldest son of Thomas Standish, by Catherine, widow of John Smith, of Heath, Yorks, and daughter of Robert Frank, Recorder of Pontefract, Yorks; b.; at school under Markham; succ. his grandfather as 3rd baronet Dec. 19, 1756; Brasenose Coll. Oxon., matric. Jan. 31, 1763, aged 17; M.A. 1767; M.P. Preston April-Nov. 1768; High Sheriff of Lancs 1782; d. unm. May 18, 1812. [32]


Tomlinson, Sir William Edward Murray, Bart., eldest son of Thomas Tomlinson, of Heysham, Lancs, a Bencher of the Inner Temple, by Sarah, only child of the Rev. Roger Mashiter, of Bolton-le-Sands, Lancs; b. Aug. 4, 1838; adm. Jan. 29, 1852; Q.S. March 1854; left May 1855; Ch. Ch. Oxon., matric. May 15, 1856; B.A. 1860; M.A. 1863; adm. to the Inner Temple March 30, 1760 [1860?], called to the bar Jan. 26, 1865; adm. to Lincoln’s Inn April 4, 1878; a law reporter in the Chancery division for the Incorp. Council 1870-8; a member of the Inns of Court joint (legal) Board of Examiners 1877; M.P. Preston Nov. 1882-1906; created a baronet Aug. 11, 1902; the first Master of the Old Westminster Lodge, No. 2233, which was consecrated Jan. 20, 1888, and is the senior Public School Lodge; Busby Trustee June 16, 1896; d. unm. Dec. 17, 1912. [33]


Beaven, Coningsby Raywood, second son of the Rev. Alfred Beaven Beaven, Head Master of Preston Grammar School, by Margaret Rachel, daughter of William Blott, of Hartford, Hunts; b. Jan. 4, 1877; adm. as Q.S. Sept. 25, 1890; left (with Triplett) July 1895; Magd. Coll. Oxon., demy 1895, matric. Oct. 1895; 1st class Mathematics (Mods.) 1897; 2nd class Mathematics 1899; B.A. 1899; M.A. 1904; Mathematical Master at Warwick Grammar School 1902. [34]

Winchester College


Gordon, Charles Osborne, e. s. of Charles Osborne Gordon, Esq., of Aberdeen House, Adelaide Rd., Hampstead. Exeter Coll. Oxon 1862, B.A. St. Alban’s Hall 1866, M.A. Exeter Hall 1869; holy orders: d 1867, p 1868, C. Denstone 1867-70, V. Mayland, Essex 1870-3, R. Gratwich 1873-83, V. Goosnargh with Whittingham, near Preston 1883-92. Died 19 Aug., 1892. [35]


Rawstorne, William (D), b. 16 Sept., 1862, e. s. of Rev. Canon William Edward Rawstorne, V. of Penwortham, Preston, and Elizabeth Jane, his wife, e. d. of Rev. Robert Atherton Rawstorne, R. of Warrington (bro. of Robert Edward, below, p. 341). B.N.C. Oxon 1881; Solicitor 1892, practising first at Ormskirk, Lancashire; then at Bingley, Bradford, and Pudsey, then at Harrogate, and now at East Putney. Address Burton Lodge, Portinscale Rd., East Putney, S.W. [36]


Myres, John Linton, b. 3 July, 1869, at Preston, Lancs., e. s. of Rev. William Miles Myres, [vicar of St Paul’s, Preston, member of the Myres family of Preston] afterwards V. of Swanbourne, Bucks., and Jane, his wife, d. of Rev. Henry Linton, R. of St. Peter-le-Bailey, Oxford. Sch. New Coll. Oxon 1888, 1 CI. Mod. 1890, 1 CI. B.A., Craven Fellow, Fellow of Magd. Coll. Oxon 1892-5; Burdott-Coutts’ Scholar 1892; Student and Tutor Christ Church 1896; Arnold Essay 1899; engaged in excavations in Cyprus 1894; Junior Proctor 1904; Visitor of the Ashmolean Museum and University Galleries; Hon, Sec. Anthropological Inst. Great Britain and Ireland 1900-3; F.S.A.; Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Oxford 1903; author of “A History of Rome” 1902; joint-author of a Catalogue of the Cyprus Museum 1899. Married 25 Sept., 1895, Sophia Florence, y. d. of Charles Ballance, Esq., of Clapton, Middlesex. Address Christ Church, Oxford.[37]


Birley, Charles Fair (G), b. 11 July, 1889, e. s. of Charles Addison Birley, Esq., J.P., of Bartle Hall, Preston, and Gertrude Emily, his wife, e. d. of Thomas Pair, Esq., of Westwood, Lytham. [38]

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