Brookes of Astley Hall

Richard Brooke of Astley Hall (c.1640-1715/1718) was the second son of Sir Peter Brooke, MP for Cheshire in 1657 and high sheriff of the county in 1668-9, by his first wife Alice. Sir Peter Brooke’s third wife was Mabel, daughter of William Farrington of Worden. He died 30 November 1685, and was buried at Chorley. Mabel Brooke was buried at Chorley on 23 July 1687. Richard Brooke married Margaret, daughter and heir of Robert Charnock of Charnock and Astley, at Leyland on 6 February 1666. [1]

Sir Peter appears to have moved from Cheshire to Lancashire after 1669, possibly to live at Astley Hall, for a Sir Peter Brookes was high sheriff of Lancashire in 1673-4. [2]

The Brookes were related in some way to the Preston diarist Lawrence Rawstorne, for on 7 January 1684 he records that he spent Christmas at Penwortham while his sons stayed at Astley Hall. Later in the month he visited them there, and finding that Lady Brooke was not there, followed her to Duxbury Hall. He was there again in July on a family visit, and earlier in the month Sir Peter became involved in trying to resolve a costly legal dispute in which Rawstorne was embroiled. Rawstorne attended Sir Peter’s funeral in December 1685 and that of his wife in July 1687.

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