Wall, Anthony – innkeeper

A Mr Antony Walls whose burial is recorded in the registers of St John’s, Preston, on 29 May 1689 would appear to be the Wall who appears frequently in Bellingham/Rawstorne diaries (thanks to Ruth Appleby for the register information). There is a slight discrepancy in dates, for Bellingham records the burial as taking place on the 23rd of the month. In their entries for the municipal year 1688/9 the diarists refer to him as Sergeant Wall, indicating that he was one of the council bailiffs appointed in October 1688.

The following references in the diary strongly suggest that he was running an inn at this time:

Bellingham, 1 October 1688: ‘I din’d wth ye Mayor at ye Serjeant’s, and payd for my supper there’.
Bellingham, 25 December 1688: ‘I was wth Sr Tho Stanly and much company at Serjeant Wall’s’.
Rawstorne, 15 January 1689: ‘…then went all together, Mr Mayor & all to the Ancor, to Serjeant Walles’s to the Monsieurs, & to Tirlers’.
Rawstorne, 17 January 1689: ‘… dyned at Serjeant Walle’s Sr. Rich: Standish, the old Coll, Bro: ffleet Mr Mayor & the diverse others i3 in number’.
Rawstorne, 18 January 1689: ‘… dyned wth Mr Kenion at Ancor & Mr Mayor & Mr Parker was after at one [Wid.] Tomlinsons an Alehouse wth them & at Serjeant Wall’s & Ancor’.
Rawstorne: 7 February 1689: ‘… dyned at Ned Cravens wth Coll Rigby Mr Parker Mr Longworth & Mr Kenion & others was after at Serjeant Walle’s & Ancor’.
Rawstorne, 11 February 1689: ‘… was at Ser: Walls’ with Capt. Staughton & officers & Capt Belling’.
Rawstorne, 16 February 1689: ‘… was wth the Officers at Sert: Wall’s heard their howboyes & was too late ’till past 12 at night’.
Bellingham, 16 February 1689: ‘… Capt Stoughton treat’d ye Mayor, Aldermen, Mr. Fleetwood, and severall others, att ye Serjeant’s, where we were entertain’d wth wine, anchioves, and excellent musick’.
Rawstorne, 15 March 1689: ‘… at Preston & at prayers & at 2 afternoone waited on Mr Mayor to pclaime the faire for 3 dayes, was after wth him & many others at fort walls [mistranscription for sgt Wall’s] & at Will AdKinsons wth the Officers for 3d onely’.

The frequency of the visits, the nature of the fare and entertainment, and the fact that the establishment is included in a list of taverns visited would indicate that Mr Wall was running a commercial establishment rather than inviting his friends for social visits. An entry in Rawstorne’s diary for 7 October 1687 suggests this establishment was the White Horse on Fishergate: ‘… at Preston & at prayers dyned at Walles the Whitehorse wth Mr Mayor, Mr Parker Mr Bellingham’. The previous innkeeper, Alex Swansey, had died in April in the year before.