June 1685

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself.  Where the entries do not deal with Preston Hewitson’s editorial notes are generally followed. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for June 1685

1 No entry recorded

2 No entry recorded

3 No entry recorded

4 No entry recorded

5 No entry recorded

6 No entry recorded

7 No entry recorded

8 No entry recorded

9 No entry recorded

10 No entry recorded

11 No entry recorded

12 At Preston. Dyned at Mr. Leigh’s. Was after at the Court of Election. Mr. Newport chosen. Mr. Frances Cholmondeley rid for him. Was wth Mr. Mayor &c., at 4 tavernes and Margret Wilding’s.

13 No entry recorded

14 No entry recorded

15 At Preston. 26 carts wth Cole came by the Tenants of Hutton.

16 Went to Astley; dyned there, & went after to Brandlesome; all night there.

17 Went to Bury to meet or Regement, & return’d to Brandlesome.

18 Went to Bury & to Manchester. Lodged at Mr. Eccles.

19 At Manchester and o’th’ feild. Dyned at Jo. Widdowe’s & the Coll. and severall officers went into Salford to the King’s Head.The Coll went to Bury.

22 At Manchester. When parted came further Order for 4 dayes more.

23 No entry recorded

24 At Manchester. Received orders from my Ld’o Derby to Continue 4 dayes more, & from 4 to 4 till further orders.

25 No entry recorded

26 No entry recorded

27 Went to Peele. From thence to Preston. Dyned with Mr. Kenion at Ancor.

28 No entry recorded

29 Went to Manchester. Lodged at Eccles’s.

30 At Manchester & o’th’ field.