The First Catholic Charitable Society of Preston – Appendix C


No record available before that date.

Oct., 1887 Leakage of Church in Preston Fr. Payne, S.J.
Oct. 3, 1888 Importance of Catholics taking Part in Public Affairs Mr. Yates W. Booth
Oct. 22, 1888 Self Tuition Fr Walmesley
Catholic Organisation Dr. A. P. Mooney
April 8, 1889 Boys’ Homes Mr. R. H. Smith
Rescue Work Mr. W. P. Meagher
Oct. 7, 1889 Attitude of English People towards the Religious Changes of the XVI. Century Dr. J. J. Byrne
answered by
Nov. 11, 1889 “Lost, Stolen or Thrown Away” Fr. Billington
(These were two purely academic historical papers.)
April 15, 1890 Church Music Mr. F. M. Lovett
Oct. 6, 1890 Some Views on Education Mr. J. M. Denvir
Feb. 23, 1892 To Iceland and back Fr. J. F. Splaine, S.J.
May 24, 1892 Our Catholic Resources Mr. N. Cockshutt
Oct. 4, 1892 Payay-le-Monial and Lourdes Fr. Gretton
Oct. 3, 1893 An Old Catholic Directory Fr. J. F. Splaine, S.J.
April 10, 1894 The First Catholic Charitable Society: Its History and Work. (Afterwards published in book form.) Fr. J. F. Splaine, S.J.
Oct. 2, 1894 Mystery Plays of Mediaeval England Dr. A. P. Mooney
Nov. 20, 1894 The Effect of “Parish Councils Act” on Boroughs Mr. J. Hubberstey
April 2, 1895 Church Bells Mr. Redding
April, 1897 English Drama Mr. J. Bamber
Oct., 1897 Water Dr. Pilkington
April, 1898 The Age of the Sun—An Argument against Darwinism Fr. Cortie, S.J.
Oct., 1898 My Visit to Rome Mr. N. Cockshutt
Oct., 1899 Recent Legislation of interest to Catholics Dr. A. P. Mooney
Jan., 1900 South Africa Fr. E. Day, S.J.
(No lectures are recorded for the next four years).
Oct., 1904 France and The Vatican Mr. N. Cockshutt
Oct., 1905 Spiritualism Fr. Walsh
Oct., 1906 0rigin and Constitution of the Preston Guilds Canon Cosgrave
Jan., 1907 Catholic Co-ordination Dr. Richardson
Oct., 1908 The Oxford Movement Mr. E. C. C. Firth
April, 1910 Old Preston Mr. J. E. Thornton
Oct., 1910 The Passion Play at Oberammergau Fr. Greenhouse
Oct., 1912 Italian Painting From Giotto to Fra Angelico Fr. O. Kellett, S.J.
Oct., 1913 Retreats Fr. C. Plater, S.J.
April, 1914 Recent open letters of the Bishop of Zanzibar and the Bishop of Oxford Mr. E. C. C. Firth
Oct., 1914 The Art of Rheims Cathedral Fr. O. Kellett, S.J.
Oct., 1915 A Pilgrimage to Assisi Fr. Flynn, M.A.
July, 1916 How Newman became a Catholic Fr. Flynn, M.A.
April, 1919 Freemasonry and the Catholic Church Fr. Howard
July, 1921 Catholic Education in Scotland Fr. P. Whittaker, S.J.
Oct., 1922 Reminiscences of a Schoolmaster Mr. G. Cassidy


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