October 1689

For background information about the diaries and their transcribers see Introduction

Comments on the entries for the time that Bellingham served in Ireland are beyond the scope of this website. Hewitson attaches some notes to these entries, but contemporary reviewers in Ireland were unimpressed by his editorial skills. Guides to more information on the Irish entries can be found in the Introduction.

October 1

Bellingham entry
Oct. ye 1st.
The horse muster’d. Ye General view’d ye enemye’s camp.
Rawstorne entry
at preston & at prayers & at walton cop & wth. Lawier Bellingham.
Walton Cop, the embankment joining the village of Walton-le-Dale to the Ribble bridge, was a constant cause of concern because of flooding.

October 2

Bellingham entry
Ye 2d.
Much raine. I din’d wth Capt Pownell.
Rawstorne entry
went a Coursing to Lea & dyned at Swanseys, twas the last bowliing day

October 3

Bellingham entry
Ye 3d.
Ye Enniskillin men brought in some prisoners. I wrote letters by one Nicholls and Mr. Latham.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & ‘ith’ [Guild] Hall about the royall Aid [see entry for 26 September 1689] at Ja: Cowps & Ratcliffs & Mitre

October 4

Bellingham entry
Ye 4th
. Severall deserters came in. Our men beat off a party of ye enemy who beat off our sentinells. Ye Duke off towards ye ships. I treated Major Kirke and Withers.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers & after noonei’th’ [Guild] Hall at the Court of Election where Mr Will Waerden was chosen Mayor. received Capt Bellinghams [letter]

October 5

Bellingham entry
Ye 5th.
I rode wth Comissary Sheeles to Castletown, and went after dinner wth ye Duke towards ye enemy. We had some light skirmishes wth ye enemy and kill’d one of theyr horses. Three handsome young fellowes deserted and came over to us.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers

October 6

Bellingham entry
Ye 6th.
This morning a deserter brought word that ye enemy had burnt and quitted theyr camp. He brought off his own and his Comrades horse. Count Schomberg went out wth a party of horse and Dragoons, and was att theyr camp. After dinner ye Duke rode out and view’d the country from Dunbin Hill. I went wth Sr Hen Bellass and Coll Earl and saw ye enemyes camp. They have burnt all the country near it. Kirke told ye story of ye old woman chewing ye wafer.
Rawstorne entry
at preston Church heard the Vicar and receiv’d the Sacraemt. & Mr Bland

October 7

Bellingham entry
Ye 7th.
Much raine last night. We had a party of Enisk men abroad, to discover ye enemy. They lye on ye 2 rivers of Gernonstown and Ardee. Joan McGuire came from home. She says there is a strong garrison there. I din’d att M. G. Kirkes. A party went towards Connoght.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers & went after Dinner to Walton cop [see above].

October 8

Bellingham entry
Ye 8th.
A dry day. My Ld Blany came from England. Johnson from Dublin in an open boate. Ye Danes landed in Scotland. Art went to Gernonstowne. I visited some sick freindes in ye camp. Some forces came to Carlingford, both horse, foot, and Dragoons.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers & went after dinner to vew Mr Chaddocks building was after at Radcliffs wth Mr ferrars Mr Towlson [not identified] Mr Bellingham

October 9

Bellingham entry
Ye 9th.
Dry weather. Some deserters came in. Art return’d. I waited on ye Duke wth his account. Ned Singleton and Robin Twigg arriv’d from Garlingford.
Rawstorne entry
went to Penwortham dyned there & went to Swansey’s toth Bowles

October 10

Bellingham entry
Ye 10th.
A great party went out wth ye Duke. I rode a great way on ye lurgan by myselfe. Ye Fan fan came in wth Mr. Stewart. I was wth Comissary Sheeles about my lodgings. Ye Quarter Mr Generall threatened to burne us out of our lodgings.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at the [Quarter] Sessions, dyned at White=horse, the Justices Majoe ffarrington Mr Rigby Major Longworth Mr. Parker, Mr Patten gave the Charge.

October 11

Bellingham entry
Fayr weather. Ye horse drew out. Mr. Mason came here. I went wth him to Kirke about ye post office. I was wth Comissary Sheeles about J. White and R. Sybthorp.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & the sess. till 2 a clock dyned at Ancor, went after into the [Guild] hall againe to Swear the Assers about the Aid [see above], was there ’till 7 was after at james Cowpers wth. Mr Mayor & after at Ancor wth. Mr kenion & Exfer parker

October 12

Bellingham entry
Ye 12th.
Dry weather. Johnson confin’d and examin’d about the betraying Culmore forte. I went aboard a wine ship and was thrown into ye water. Mr. Holt dy’d. Mr. Mason gott his comns.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers, the Mayor deliver’d ‘s staff
The mayor, Thomas Winckley, was handing over his symbol of office for his successor, William Werden.

October 13

Bellingham entry
Ye 13th.
A stormy day. Mr. Holte was bury’d. Art went out last night and return’d late this night.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston Church heard Mr. White:head, ’twas the first day Mr Mayor was there, W. Waerden.

October 14

Bellingham entry
Ye 14th.
A very wett day. I went to view ye ground att Lurgan, to lay an ambuscade. Art went out.
Rawstorne entry
went to Penwortham & Hutton a Coursing, was at Robins [hostelry not identified] wth my Bro: when I came home Cornet Oldfield and Aunt [neither identified] was at my house.

October 15

Bellingham entry
Ye 15th.
Sad weather. Ye party suffer’d ye enemy to escape by the illness of the night, and had like to have shott each other. Art return’d this night, and sayes ye enemy are in a lamentable condition.
Rawstorne entry
went wth them [presumably the Oldfields of the previous entry] to Penwortham dyned there, they went to Astley [Hall, Chorley]

October 16

Bellingham entry
Ye 16th.
Bad weather. Ye Duke view’d all the camp and charg’d ye officers wth ye care of theyr soldiers. Sr Edw Deering dy’d last night. Toby Purcell came this day, and brings an account of ye Danes landing in Scotland, and 8000 land men putt on board our fleete, att Plymouth, for the service of Ireland.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers and ‘ith evening at Ratcliffs & Mrs. Bikertons wth. Lawier Bellingham & others

October 17

Bellingham entry
Ye 17th.
A fayr day. Ye Duke rode out to ye Lurgan. A strong party came to Gernonstowne. Ye English men brought in 6 dragoons of ye enemy, 10 horses, and kill’d 4 on ye place. I din’d wth M. G. Kirke. I saw Nich Stanley, lately come from England.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers

October 18

Bellingham entry
Ye 18th.
Dreadful weather. I heard from home. Waited on the Duke, and lodged cousen Purcell wth me.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers pd for 2 acres of Tythe=haye –2s-8d- was at the Court Leet Mr. Recorder Warr [en] gave the Jury their charge, & after wth. Mr. Mayor & him at Ancor

October 19

Bellingham entry
Ye 19th.
Dismall weather. Some words pass’d between Capt Purefoy and me about the lodgings. Camboon quarter’d Coll Purcell in our lodgings.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers

October 20

Bellingham entry
Ye 20th.
Continu’d raine. Mr. Newburgh made a most excellent sermon. Severall Regiments remov’d from the farr side of the water to this, theyr camp being over flow’d wth water.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston Church heard Archdeacon Williamson & one Mr. Tomlinson [not identified] both Irishmen.
Williamson would have been William Williamson, Archdeacon of Glendaloch, Ireland, from 1676 to 1705. [1]

[1] Henry Cotton, Fasti Ecclesiæ Hibernicæ, the Succession of the Prelates and Members, of the Cathedral Bodies in Ireland. [With] Suppl. by C.P. Cotton, vol. 2 (Oxford University, 1848), 62, https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Fasti_Ecclesiæ_Hibernicæ_the_successio.html?id=d0EVAAAAQAAJ.

October 21

Bellingham entry
Ye 21th.
The Duke sent for me. I waited on him to the Lurgan. We had a party of 150 horse and dragoons. The enemy appeard near lurgan house. I had like to have been surpriz’d by an ambuscade of 9 dragoons. Count Maynard seem’d very shy in engaging ye enemy. Art is return’d wth an account of 8 Regiments of ye enemyes decamping. I din’d wth Mr. Sheeles and gott ye generlls pass for my servants, cattle, and goods.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers, & at Coz: Banisters, & ‘ith’ [Main Sprit] weend wth Mr Rigbies [unclear which Rigbys] too long.

October 22

Bellingham entry
Ye 22th.
Indifferent fayr. I was on board some ships to buy some beer. I gott some coales. I rode out in ye evening wth Sr Hen Bellass, who made great professions of freindship.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston, dyned at Mr Johnsons went after to Walton Cop, and to George Ratcliffs wth. Mr fferrars, Mr Bellingham Mr Johnsons Mr. Chaddock, Mr francks & Coz: Ashetons [uncertain which Asheton is intended. See 23 October 1688] & Mr Gregson.

October 23

Bellingham entry
Ye 23th.
Most dismall raine. I din’d wth Lt. G. Douglass and the Count de Carelston. I rode out in ye evening wth ye Duke, and had a long conversation wth him. Most of our sick both yesterday and this are sent on board ye ships.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers & at Mr Pattens & wth him at George Ratcliffs and many others, hee left his farewell 6 canns a peice, & went next day to Londo

October 24

Bellingham entry
Ye 24th.
Art return’d wth an account of ye enemyes decamping and would leave 5000 in Ardee. J. White, &c., went to Drumore in ye evening. I was wth Capt Pottinger, and wrote letters by him to Nabby.
Rawstorne entry
went to Penwortham, & was at Boat=house wth ‘m [this would be Edward Fleetwood], & Major ffarrington

October 25

Bellingham entry
Ye 25th.
A dry day. A Court martiall held on Rich Johnson, but was left undetermin’d. Newes came of Jamestown being taken by ye enemy; 14 kill’d and 2 Lewts of Dungannon being burn’d and 6 prisoners taken. I din’d wth ye Duke. A party was out att Dromiskin last night. I rode out wth ye Duke, and sate upp late att play wth some of Kirke’s officers and won some money.
Rawstorne entry
went a Coursing to Lea wth Lawer Bellingham & Mr Johnson, dyned at Camells

October 26

Bellingham entry
Ye 26th.
A fayr day. A man came in from Drogheda. He sayes that K James was to be there as thursday, and that great numbers of theyr men dye. I din’d wth Brigadeer Stewart, and was late wth Kirkes officers.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers, & wth Mr Mayor pclaiming the fair & after at Mr. Whiteheads funerall the Schoole=Master, Mr Robinson of St. Mich: preachd was after at at Plow wth Parson Asheton of Prestwic Mr Hodgkinson & Mr Patten [if Thomas Patten went to London on the 24th, this must be William Patten. Of course, it could have been William who went to London and Thomas who stayed in Preston.]
William Ashton, rector of St Mary Prestwich, from 1685 until his death in 1732 [1]

[1] ‘The Parish of Prestwich with Oldham | British History Online’, accessed 2 April 2019, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/lancs/vol5/pp67-76#anchorn65.

October 27

Bellingham entry
Ye 27th.
A very fayr day. I din’d at Major Gen Kirkes. Dean fitzGerald preach’d before ye Duke. Cornett Green was out to discover ye enemy att Tallonstowne bridge. Saw some foot dragoons and a great drove of cattle. 2 Lewts in Haumers Regiment fought Hanmore and Shepheard. Sheffield was kill’d, and lay some time unburied.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston Church heard Mr Bland & Mr Coulton.

October 28

Bellingham entry
Ye 28th.
The Duke rode out beyond Castletown, and view’d ye severall camps. I din’d wth Mr. Sheeles. A trumpeter came in wth ye return of some prisoners. I was late att punch wth Kirke’s officers. Sr Tho Gore dy’d.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston, & at prayers, it was Preston fair day was at Rigbyes wth my brother ffleetwood & others, at Tirlers & at H: Wildings.

October 29

Bellingham entry
Ye 29th.
A great party of horse of near 1000 went out to discover the enemy. They went to Tallonstown, but came away without effecting anything, but took a few cattle and a sergeant, and lost a French private. Count Maynard commanded the party. I sent away my trunke, &c., towards the North. Wharton dy’d.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers, afternoone at Swansey’s [probably the one on the Marsh] to meet Tho: Clifton & my Bro: ffleetwood were there.

October 30

Bellingham entry
Ye 30th.
A fayr day. I went on board ye Phoenix. Din’d wth ye Earl of Meath and Ld. Lisburn. Was at the funerall of Gore and Wharton. This night Sr John Davis came in an open boate to Carlingford from Dublin. Art came from the North.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers, & at Rigbys wth. Tho: Rigby & Gilbert & Coz: ffleetwood [probably Thomas]

October 31

Bellingham entry
Ye 31th
. 8 vessels came in from Carlingford. Ye Duke sent a trumpeter (wth ye Serjeant who was taken prisoner) to the enemy. I din’d wth Major Billing. Waited on the Duke att night, and sent out Art; but the D seemes to give no great vallue to any intelligence. Green gave me an account of ye other night’s adventure, att Tallonstowne, and sayes that if they had order they might have brought away some 100s of cattle, and could easily have fallen into ye enemyes camp.
Rawstorne entry
at Preston & at prayers, writ to Capt Bellingham into Ireland, set it by Mr. Brady [not identified]

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