Rigby, Charles

Charles Rigby was the son of Sgt Edward Rigby and brother of Edward, who granted to Charles and his sister Lucy, Longley Hall at Goosnargh in 1689. Charles and his sister where living in Lancaster at the time. [1] Charles was described as, ‘a lawyer employed by the duchy of Lancaster and who was active on behalf of Tory candidates in Preston in 1710 and Lancashire in 1713’. [2] He unsuccessfully contested Lancaster in the 1698 election. [3] Charles served as a magistrate, and when the Jacobite army was heading south in 1715, he and a fellow magistrate advocated destroying the bridge across the Lune at Lancaster to impede its progress. Their suggestion was successfully resisted by the townsfolk who argued that it would prove immensely expensive to rebuild and, moreover, its loss would not prove much of an obstacle to the Jacobites. [4] As magistrate 1717 finds him strongly upholding the vicar of Lancaster in his prosecution of Quakers. [5] He was buried in Lancaster in 1721. [6]

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