October 1686

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself.  Where the entries do not deal with Preston Hewitson’s editorial notes are generally followed. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for October 1686

1 No entry recorded

2 No entry recorded

3 No entry recorded

4 Went to Broughton & Penwortham, & to the Marsh to a race there.

6 At Preston & Swansey’s.

[Hewitson adds] ‘After this date the daily entries are discontinued. At the end of the diary there are some entries relating to money matters in connection with the diarist’s two mills in Rossendale; also to money gathered for the payment of “inferiour officers”; and on a page adjoining there is this significant memorandum – “8 barrells of powder, 8 barrells of Ball, 15 bundles of match, brought to Newhall by E. Derby’s order”.’