Pedder, Thomas — ?-1680

The ancestor of the extensive Pedder family of Preston was a Thomas Pedder who first appears in the town records on 16 May 1657 when a Thomas Pedder ‘gent. soldier’ (the transcription is uncertain) married Elizabeth Feilden of Friargate, the daughter of Richard Feilden. [1] On 16 August of the following year the couple registered the burial of their infant daughter Joan; in the register he is described as ‘a troop[er] under Cap[tai]n Lynley’, and his wife’s name is given as Elizabeth Feilden. [2] A second child, Richard, was baptised on 26 October 1659, and in the register Thomas is again listed as a gentleman soldier. [3] Elizabeth died in 1661 and in the register entry for 20 October 1661 she is described as ‘Feilden’s daughter’ and Thomas’s occupation is given as soldier. [4]

The two descriptions of Thomas as a gentleman soldier do not fit with the other references to him in the records: he ended his life an innkeeper, the father of two sons, one a weaver and the other a shoemaker.

Thomas would appear to have remarried, for a Thomas Pedder, son of Thomas, was baptised at the parish church on 17 February 1666/7 and an Alice Peddar, wife of Thomas, was buried 7 November 1678, at the church. [5] According to Henry Fishwick, Thomas married as his third wife Dorothy Postlethwaite on 29 September 1679, however, the name of the bridegroom is now unreadable in the Ancestry image of the page [6]. The couple had one child, Elizabeth, baptised 11 April 1680 [7] , after the death of her father who was buried on 18 February 1678/9. [8]

Dorothy and Thomas’s eldest son Richard had the task of sorting out his affairs after his death, and a detailed inventory of all his worldly goods, in which he was described as innkeeper, was prepared. The four neighbours who caried out the valuation, who all signed with their mark, arrived at a total of £52 9s. 8p, which included £24 ‘money in the house’. The description of goods, itemised down to ‘2 ould Brushes’, suggests Thomas kept a fairly lowly establishment. His will has not survived. [9]

Richard and Thomas Pedder are described as the sons of the late Thomas Pedder in the 1682 guild roll. [10] It is possible that the Thomas Pother and his son Richard who Abram transcribed from the 1662 roll was Thomas Pedder. He paid an entrance fee of £4, which meant he established residence in the town after the previous guild of 1642. [11] Fishwick transcribes the name as ‘Thos. Pether’, which strengthens the link. [12]

Thomas features in the Preston court leet records beginning with the April 1664 session when he was one of many townsfolk fined for not attending the previous session. And at the October 1665 session it was reported:

That John Woods did strike at Richard Gary and upon ye said Richard Draw blood and upon ye same Thomas Peeder coming onto him and asking him why he wold doe soe to a Stranger his reply was that hee wold serve him also in the like mannr thereupon wth a rule that ye said Woods had in his hand he strike likewise at ye said Thomas Pedder and upon his head draw blood these offences being done in the ffaire time in October last wch being to the breach of his Ma(jes)ties peace for the wch offences he is to pay foure pounds.

Thomas made his first appearance on the court jury at the October 1667 session. [13]

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