Ribbleton tithe schedule and plan

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The Ribbleton tithe plot boundaries overlaid on the OS six-inch map surveyed in the 1840s
The Ribbleton tithe plot boundaries overlaid on the OS six-inch map surveyed in the 1840s. Map courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.

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Volunteers working for the Lancashire Place Name Survey have put local historians in their debt by transcribing and putting on line tithe schedules for Lancashire (Lancashire Archives DRB/1).

I thought I’d see how useful the transcript was for Preston history studies by selecting the records for Ribbleton (Lancashire Archives DRB/1/165) and mapping them to a georeferenced vector transformation of the six-inch Ordnance Survey map of Preston from the invaluable National Library of Scotland site as part of my ongoing project to map Preston from Domesday to the present day. I’ve adjusted the OS map to match the Ribbleton tithe map boundaries as closely as possible and added the tithe schedule plot numbers.

The tithe schedule is especially useful for the Ribbleton township. Ribbleton Moor was shared as a common with the inhabitants of neighbouring Brockholes and was not enclosed until late in the 19th century. When the moor was being divided up into enclosure plots the tithe schedule was used to determine the allocation with tithe plot numbers listed alongside each allocation. In addition, the 1843 tithe plan for Ribbleton is nicely bracketed by the 1841 and 1851 census returns for the township. The 1851 census returns reveal a small colony of handloom weavers in the township. Would the late survival of the unenclosed Ribbleton Moor have given this group access to subsistence rights such as grazing and fuel supplies that would have supplemented the declining weaving incomes? If that was the case there was no compensation for the group when the moor was enclosed in 1873, it was simply shared out among the landowners of Ribbleton and Brockholes,

The tithe schedules list plot numbers, owner, occupier, plot description, usage, area (in statute acres, roods and poles) and the rental for each plot payable to the Vicar of Preston and his successors in compensation for his loss of tithes (his total compensation for Ribbleton amounted to £40 a year). The rental figure is not included in the archives transcript. I’ve converted the acres, roods and poles into statute acres expressed as a decimal and added the result as a column to the table below. This greatly aids analysis in, for example, totalling the land holdings of individual landowners. Anybody wanting to carry out such analysis should email prestonhistory1@gmail.com for a copy of the Excel spreadsheet of the table.

The useful maps for Ribbleton township are those showing plot numbers, owners and occupiers. I had hoped for field names in the plot description category, but not a single name is recorded for Ribbleton. I’ve added the three maps below, which should be visible on laptop and desktop computers (the Firefox browser seems to provide the best viewing tools). They will probably have to be downloaded from mobiles and tablets. Unfortunately they are static representations because the WordPress service that I use to host my website does not provide for dynamic mapping. However, I will happily supply the dataset to anybody who can make use of it: email prestonhistory1@gmail.com.

Ribbleton owners

Sir Thomas George Hesketh145.76
Ann Birchall124.33
Proprietors of land in Ribbleton104.10
Ellen Cross68.87
Henry Petre38.31
Mary Cross38.27
Heirs of Edward Pedder29.20
John Seed25.75
Ralph Rothwell et al23.90
William Shawe23.10
John Grimshaw21.15
Joseph Croft15.30
Richard Gorst15.13
Joseph Dandy10.08
Mary Davis9.66
Edward Rodget9.61
Joseph Knight8.25
Township Roads7.54
Thomas Howard7.30
Heirs of James Lawrenson7.11
Trinity Church Preston6.56
Preston & Longridge Railway Company5.09
Preston Water Company0.40
George Clarkson0.31

Ribbleton occupiers

Ribbleton plot numbers

Ribbleton tithe schedule

Email prestonhistory1@gmail.com for a copy of the Excel spreadsheet.

Plot numberOwnerOccupierPlot descriptionUsageAcresRoodsPolesDecimal acreage
1John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldMeadow22322.70
2John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldArable20222.14
3John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldMeadow22282.68
4Joseph CroftHimself Plantation160.10
5Joseph CroftHimself Plantation220.14
6Joseph CroftHimself FieldMeadow31263.41
7John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldMeadow43154.84
8Joseph CroftHimself Plantation50.03
9John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldArable4104.25
10John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldArable1131.27
11Joseph CroftHimself FieldPasture2082.05
12Joseph CroftHimself FieldPasture2342.78
13Mary DavisEllen CulshawFieldMeadow2032.02
14Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldArable3303.75
15Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture30223.14
16Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture32253.66
17Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldArable43374.98
18Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldArable2252.53
19Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture11131.33
20Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldArable22232.64
21Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture2212.51
22Henry PetreWilliam WorthingtonFieldArable1140.34
23Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture13241.90
24Mary DavisEllen CulshawFieldArable41114.32
25Henry PetreWilliam WorthingtonFieldMeadow3093.06
26Henry PetreWilliam WorthingtonFieldPasture12181.61
27Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldMeadow300.75
28Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldMeadow41194.37
29Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldMeadow2102.25
30Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldPasture33303.94
31Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldPasture4204.50
32Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldMeadow12351.72
33Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldMeadow10371.23
34Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldMeadow12241.65
35Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldPasture42204.63
36Henry PetreWilliam WorthingtonFieldArable1370.48
37Henry PetreWilliam WorthingtonFieldPasture3350.97
38Henry PetreWilliam WorthingtonFieldMeadow2272.54
39Henry PetreMary WhittleOrchard170.11
40Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldMeadow2340.71
41Henry PetreMary WhittleSite of farm Buildings290.18
42Henry PetreMary WhittleGarden200.13
43Henry PetreWilliam WorthingtonGarden210.13
44Henry PetreMary WhittleFieldPasture1370.48
45Mary CrossEllen CulshawOrchard280.55
46Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture13111.82
47Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture21352.47
48Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldMeadow13341.96
49Mary CrossEllen CulshawGarden360.23
50Mary CrossEllen CulshawSite of House Outbuildings & Yard170.29
51Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture270.54
52Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture290.56
53Mary DavisEllen CulshawFieldMeadow31113.32
54Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldMeadow13111.82
55Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldPasture3190.87
56Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldMeadow2242.53
57Mary CrossEllen CulshawFieldMeadow2350.72
58George ClarksonHimself Cottage & Garden1100.31
59Joseph CroftHimself Garden1130.33
60Joseph CroftHimself FieldPasture1211.51
61Joseph CroftHimself Orchard3240.90
62Joseph CroftHimself Field23112.82
63Joseph CroftHimself Garden230.14
64Joseph CroftHimself Outbuildings & Yard350.22
65Joseph CroftHimself Garden1350.47
66Joseph CroftHimself Dwelling House & Yard300.19
67Joseph CroftHimself Buildings & Yard330.21
68John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseOrchard320.20
69John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseSite of Farm Buildings & Yard360.23
70John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseGarden170.29
71John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldMeadow11231.39
72John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseFieldArable3290.93
73Preston & Longridge Railway Company Themselves Railway & Banks}50145.09
73aPreston & Longridge Railway Company Themselves Railway & Banks}0.00
74John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseOccupation RoadPasture360.23
75William ShaweEdward BradleyFieldMeadow32173.61
76William ShaweEdward BradleyOccupation Road120.08
77William ShaweEdward BradleyDwelling House & Yard1280.43
78William ShaweEdward BradleyGarden120.08
79William ShaweEdward BradleyOrchard3360.98
80William ShaweEdward BradleyGarden12271.67
81William ShaweEdward BradleyFieldPasture30293.18
82William ShaweEdward BradleyFieldPasture40244.15
83Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow23262.91
84Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow61396.49
85Trinity Church PrestonJoseph KnightFieldPasture22382.74
86Trinity Church PrestonJoseph KnightFieldPasture33113.82
87Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture32173.61
88Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldArable92299.68
89Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn Thomson[blank]Pasture3133.27
90Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture50235.14
91Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonPlantation10161.10
92Joseph KnightEllen KnightFieldMeadow41364.48
93Joseph KnightEllen KnightFieldMeadow20222.14
94Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldArable20352.22
95Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldArable6046.03
96Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow32153.59
97Township Roads Road20372.23
98Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture110811.05
99Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture83238.89
100Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture1121811.61
101Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture43244.90
102William ShaweEdward BradleyFieldPasture33363.98
103William ShaweEdward BradleyFieldPasture43304.94
104John SeedThomas SwiftFieldMeadow41364.48
105John SeedThomas SwiftDwelling House & Garden240.15
106John SeedThomas SwiftFieldMeadow200.50
107John SeedThomas SwiftFieldMeadow21222.39
108John SeedThomas SwiftFieldMeadow31313.44
109John SeedThomas SwiftFieldMeadow1130.33
110John SeedThomas SwiftRoad & Shrubberies10281.18
111John SeedThomas SwiftShrubberies80.05
112John SeedThomas SwiftGarden190.12
113John SeedThomas SwiftDwelling House & Garden1210.38
114John SeedThomas SwiftFieldPasture1223612.73
115Edward RodgetHimself [blank]Meadow5195.31
116Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldArable51215.38
117Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonOccupation RoadPasture1171.29
118Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldArable143814.80
119Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldArable20102.06
120Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture2350.72
121Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldPasture9229.51
122Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonPlantation10391.24
123Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonPlantation3113.26
124Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow40334.21
125Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow11211.38
126Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow5135.27
127Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow30243.15
128Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow2382.80
129Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonOccupation Road100.06
130Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow2140.59
131Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonCottage & Garden2300.69
132Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonSite of Farm Buildings1280.43
133Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonDwelling House & Garden290.18
134Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonOrchard1100.31
135Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonSite of Dwelling House & Garden270.17
136Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonOrchard1160.35
137Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldArable10181.11
138Sir Thomas George HeskethJohn ThomsonFieldMeadow6196.31
139Edward RodgetHimself [blank]Meadow3073.04
140Edward RodgetHimself Dwelling House & Garden2150.59
141Edward RodgetHimself Occupation Road1120.33
142Edward RodgetHimself Garden120.08
143Edward RodgetHimself FieldMeadow120.26
144Joseph DandyWilliam SouthworthFieldArable31243.40
145Ralph Rothwell et alJohn SlaterField350.78
146Ralph Rothwell et alJohn SlaterDwelling House330.77
147Ralph Rothwell et alJohn SlaterGarden310.19
148Ralph Rothwell et alJohn SlaterFieldMeadow2280.68
149Ralph Rothwell et alJohn SlaterField13291.93
150Joseph DandyWilliam SouthworthFieldMeadow62296.68
151Heirs of James LawrensonWilliam HulgraveFieldMeadow51155.34
152Heirs of James LawrensonWilliam HulgraveFieldPasture11271.42
153Heirs of James LawrensonWilliam HulgraveSite of Cottage & RoadsGarden270.17
154Heirs of James LawrensonWilliam HulgraveRoadPasture290.18
155Thomas HowardHenry HollidayFieldMeadow6136.27
156Thomas HowardHenry HollidayPlantation100.25
157Thomas HowardHenry HollidaySite of Public House & Building60.04
158Thomas HowardHenry HollidayBowling Green1370.48
159Thomas HowardHenry HollidayGarden120.26
160Ann BirchallMary BrighouseOrchard220.14
161Ann BirchallMary BrighouseSite of Cottages50.03
162Ann BirchallMary BrighouseOrchard13341.96
163Ann BirchallMary BrighouseOrchard1180.36
164Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture1232812.93
165Ann BirchallThomas BirchallPlantation120.08
166Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture3270.92
167Ann BirchallThomas BirchallPaddockSeeds2330.71
168Ann BirchallThomas BirchallApproach Road2140.59
169Ann BirchallThomas BirchallPlantation200.50
170Ann BirchallThomas BirchallOrchard110.26
171Ann BirchallThomas BirchallSite of Mansion House & Yard1180.36
172Ann BirchallThomas BirchallShrubberies Gardens & Walks2110.57
173Ann BirchallThomas BirchallPlantation150.28
174Ann BirchallThomas BirchallParkMeadow73207.88
175Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldMeadow8108.25
176Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldMeadow13391.99
177Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldPasture31303.44
178Ann BirchallMary BrighousePlantation1390.49
179Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldMeadow2290.68
180Ann BirchallMary BrighouseDwelling House & Outbuildings180.11
181Ann BirchallMary BrighouseOccupation RoadPasture320.20
182Preston Water Company Themselves Reservoir1240.40
183Richard GorstHimself FieldPasture3163.29
184Richard GorstHimself FieldPasture11221.39
185Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldMeadow11311.44
186Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldPasture12281.68
187Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldMeadow2250.66
188Ann BirchallThomas BirchallPlantation230.52
189Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture62306.69
191Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture32293.68
192Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldMeadow30373.23
193Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture62366.73
194Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldMeadow33223.89
195Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellFieldPasture13271.92
196Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellFieldPasture30323.20
197Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellFieldPasture32133.58
198Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldPasture2322.76
199Ann BirchallMary BrighouseFieldMeadow23342.96
200Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellFieldMeadow31163.35
201Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellFieldPasture20242.15
202Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellGarden2310.69
203Richard GorstHimself FieldArable12141.59
204Richard GorstHimself FieldPasture30253.16
205Richard GorstHimself Garden190.31
206Richard GorstHimself Dwelling House & Outbuildings300.19
207Richard GorstHimself FieldMeadow2302.75
208Heirs of Edward PedderWilliam WhalleyFieldPasture22372.73
209Heirs of Edward PedderWilliam WhalleyFieldMeadow1191.31
210Heirs of Edward PedderWilliam WhalleyFieldPasture32253.66
211Heirs of Edward PedderWilliam WhalleyFieldMeadow21382.49
212Heirs of Edward PedderWilliam WhalleyFieldMeadow3283.55
213Heirs of Edward PedderWilliam WhalleyFieldPasture20332.21
214Richard GorstHimself FieldMeadow21322.45
215Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellGarden120.26
216Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellHouse & Garden170.29
217Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellOutbuildings & Yard290.18
218Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellOutbuildings & Road320.20
219Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellOrchard2220.64
220Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellOrchard280.18
221Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellDwelling House & Garden2140.59
222Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellPlantation110.26
223Ralph Rothwell et alEllen RothwellField20102.06
224Heirs of Edward PedderCuthbert WildingFieldMeadow21392.49
225Heirs of Edward PedderCuthbert WildingField1381.80
226Heirs of Edward PedderCuthbert WildingOrchard1160.35
227Heirs of Edward PedderCuthbert WildingSite of Farm Building380.24
228Heirs of Edward PedderCuthbert WildingFieldMeadow2102.25
228aHeirs of Edward PedderCuthbert WildingFieldPasture31373.48
228bHeirs of Edward PedderCuthbert WildingFieldArable200.50
228cHeirs of Edward PedderCuthbert Wilding[blank]20222.14
229Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture33233.89
230Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture42354.72
231Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldMeadow40364.23
232Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture4124.26
233Township Roads Road21112.32
234Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture11211.38
235Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture33393.99
236Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture33373.98
237Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyCottage & Garden1120.33
238Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyOccupation RoadPasture2360.73
239Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldMeadow32343.71
240Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyGarden360.23
241Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleySite of Dwelling House & Yard160.29
242Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyGarden110.07
243Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldMeadow23132.83
244Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldMeadow2292.56
245Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldMeadow11211.38
246Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture1301.75
247Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldArable4184.30
248Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldArable32213.63
249Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture13151.84
250Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture52375.73
251Ellen CrossDorothy WalmsleyFieldPasture21352.47
252Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture1011510.34
253Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture5125.26
254Township Roads Road23392.99
255Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture21302.44
256Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture1212412.40
257Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldArable9139.27
258Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldPasture53345.96
259Ann BirchallThomas BirchallFieldSeeds12311.69
260Ellen CrossJohn HeysFieldMeadow30103.06
261Ellen CrossJohn HeysFieldPasture7217.51
262Joseph KnightEllen KnightFieldMeadow12201.63
263Proprietors of land in Ribbleton Themselves Common Uninclosed Lands104016104.10

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