A 17th-century Lancashire road map – River Brock to Garstang

See introduction for a discussion of the provenance, dating and significance of the route displayed here and other routes in the collection of 17th-century maps and plans discovered at Towneley Hall and now held at Lancashire Archives (DDX194). Email for a GPX file of the route that can be imported to various mapping programs (I can’t work out how to add it to WordPress).

The documents in the collection include both rough sketch maps and more finished drawings. The route here is based on one of the rough sketches for which no finished drawing has been found. It links the finished drawing for the route between Ribbleton and the River Brock with the finished drawing of that between Broughton and Ellel.

The unbounded section of the route shown below, between the River Brock and the River Calder (Cawther flu on the actual document), is a best fit from the information and measurements in the original.

One probable error by the surveyors is the placing of ‘Wodacre mannor’ on the site of Dimples Hall. Woodacre Hall is nearly two miles further north. That aside the rough sketch does give a glimpse of the landscape in the area before a large part of it (Claighton Moor) was enclosed, suggesting properties to the east of what is now known as Foggs Farm and was then labelled as the property of a Mrs Fogg that no longer exist.

The original document is difficult to decipher in some places, not helped by the poor quality of my photograph. When Lancashire Archives reopens with the return to normal life after the Coronavirus pandemic is over I will check the original and, hopefully, improve my transcriptions.

Reconstruction of a 17th-century map of the route from the River Brock to Garstang in Lancashire

Map of a route from the River Brock to Garstang in Lancashire
The route superimposed on the 1st edition 6 inch Ordnance Survey map of the area. What had been open moorland at Claughton at the end of the 17th century had been enclosed 150 years later.
17th-century route from lea to Poulton in Lancashire superimposed on a modern map
The route from the River Brock to Garstang shown on the modern Open Street Map, courtesy of OSM contributors.
Section of Greenwood's 1818 map of Lancashire showing the River Brock and Garstang
The route from the River Brock to Garstang shown the corresponding section of Greenwood’s 1818 map of Lancashire (https://www3.lancashire.gov.uk/environment/oldmap/greenwood/greenwood.asp).

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