Johnson, Alexander

Alexander Johnson occurs frequently in the Bellingham diary as Cousin Johnson. He was married to Mary, the eldest daughter of Alan Bellingham of Levens, in 1681. At his marriage he was the possessor of a large estate, Rushton Grange, in the north-east corner of Bowland. [1] His family were patrons of the rectorship of St Michael’s-on-Wyre for much of the 17th century. [2]

Alexander seems to have taken a house and lands in Preston after his marriage. On 27 September 1688 Thomas Bellingham writes in his diary that he ‘sup’t at Cousen Johnson’s’, on 27 November of that year he was playing cards there, and many further visits are recorded throughout the diary. [3] Court leet records for 1695 refer to ‘late Mr Pigotts house where Mr Johnson now lives’. [4] Further court records up to 1703 complain of an Alexander Johnson esq not scouring his ditches in New Hall Lane, Fishwick Lane and Acregate Lane and not clearing his midden in St John’s Weind. [5] This suggests he had a house in St John’s Weind and some of the enclosed fields in the Ribbleton/Fishwick area.

Correspondence from Johnson to the Bellingham family up to the year 1726 is described as being from Alexander Johnson, of Preston, suggesting his main residence remained in the town rather than at Rushton Grange. [6]

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