Lang, George – land surveyor

George Lang was a land surveyor based in Leyland in the late 18th century whose main interest now for Preston history is his 1774 plan and survey of the town. He was employed around the country on major surveying projects.

Only a few scraps of biographical information have been found. In 1784, when he married Isabella Tatham of Tunstall, he is described as a land surveyor in the parish of Leyland. He is probably the Mr George Lang who was buried at St Andrew’s, Leyland, in 1789 [1]

In a sales catalogue referring to a survey he carried out in Yorkshire in 1771 he is described thus:

George Lang was a highly skilled map-maker and surveyor, and executed map books for the Earl of Devon, including a Survey with Maps of Courtenay Estates [now in the National Archives].  In 1774 he produced a large scale map and survey of the township of Preston, and in 1778 was commissioned to produce a survey of Lands in Healaugh and Catterton, the Property of Mrs. Elizabeth Brooksbank.  In 1785-6 he surveyed the Malham Tarn Estate and the borough of Clitheroe and Oldham for Thomas Lister. [2]

In the catalogue his survey with maps for the Yorkshire estate is valued at £7,800.

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