May 1687

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for May 1687

1 at Preston & the Church there heard Vicar Birch.

2 at Preston & Mr Patens.

3 at Preston & Penwortham & return’d to dinner was after at wth Coz: George ffarington and Swanseys ith’ weend.

4 at Preston, & afternoon at Bowles at Swanseys

When Rawstorne writes of bowling at Swansey’s he seems to be be referring to the Swansey’s on the marsh rather than the one in Main Sprit Weind.

5 at Preston, & at Penwortham & my wife & bearnes at the Boathouse alsoe

6 at Preston at Coffeehouse & Swanseys ith’ weend wth: jer: ffar:

7 at Preston, & Margret Wildings and Talbot with Bro: ffleetwood & others

8 Went to Layland Church alight at Hon. Waterworths, heard the Vicar and dyned wth ‘m and returned home

9 at Preston & the Coffeehouse

i0 at Preston and the Cofeehouse

ii at Preston, and went to Swanseys toth bowles, were i6 that dyned

i2 at Preston, at Coffeehouse & Swansey’s ith weend, & Widow Hugells wth Mr Greenhalgh Ld. Straffords Chapl

i3 at Preston, & at Coffeehouse & Mr Winckley’s & Mr Seighes, & Mr Pattens

i4 at Preston, & at Tirlers & with Allisons wth my bro: ffleetwood & others

i5 at Preston Church heard ye Vicar and received the Sacrament & heard Mr Gregorie afternoon

i6 at Preston, & at Mr Paten’s & at Fulwood to for Mr Clayton not well

i7 at Preston & at Prayers & so the day [before]

i8 at Preston dyned at home & went to Swanseys toth bowles

i9 at Preston & Mr Paten’s

20 at Preston & went to Penwortham, ’twas the Court and rent day at Hutton, was at Robins with my bro: & Parson Ricroft & Coz Nuttall the Steward & Goodman O Balliden

2i at Preston and Mr Pattens, & Will Adkinsons with Bro: ffleetwood, Mr Asheton of Caerdale Capt Clayton and others.

22 at Preston & the Church there heard Mr Birch & mr Bushell

23 at Preston, the coffeehouse and Burtons the Stationers

24 at Preston, & at John Crabtree’s and or i6 neighbours wth mee.

25 at Preston, & went to Swanseys to’ ‘th bowles dyned there i6 gent.

26 at Preston & at Mr Winckleys & Mr Chaddocks & Widow Cliftons

27 went to Holc’om to meet Me Nuttall, Mr Joshua Nuttall there also, stayed all night

28 went thence to Newhall, called at Myles Sandsdales in Aidenfield, & went to Haslingdon & dyned at Nicolas Cundliffs house, where I left Josh: Nuttall and went to Hollins, & [thence] to Preston.

29 at Preston Church, heard the Vicar

30 at Preston, & at Mr Chaddocke sellers to tast & buy wine & at Peg Swanses

3i at Preston, & [will] Atkinsons & Mr Pattens

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