Preston tithe schedule and plan

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Who owned Preston in the 19th century?
Ashton tithe schedule
Fishwick tithe schedule and plan
Ribbleton tithe schedule and plan
More maps and plans relating to Preston and Lancashire

Volunteers working for the Lancashire Place Name Survey have put local historians in their debt by transcribing and putting on line tithe schedules for Lancashire (Lancashire Archives DRB/1), including the schedule of 1839 for Preston (Lancashire Archives DRB/1/157)

The tithe schedules list plot numbers, owner, occupier, plot description, usage, area (in statute acres, roods and poles) and the rental for each plot payable to the tithe owners in compensation for their loss of tithes. The rental figure is not included in the archives transcript. I’ve converted the acres, roods and poles into statute acres expressed as a decimal and added the result as a column to the table below. This greatly aids analysis in, for example, totalling the land holdings of individual landowners. Anybody wanting to carry out such analysis should email for a copy of the Excel spreadsheet of the table.

I’ve added several maps below, which should be visible on laptop and desktop computers (Firefox browser seems to offer the most viewing controls) but will probably have to be downloaded from mobiles and tablets. Unfortunately they are static representations because the WordPress service that I use to host my website does not provide for dynamic mapping. However, I will happily supply the dataset to anybody who can make use of it: email

Preparing the tithe plans from the schedule transcriptions for the adjoining Ribbleton and Fishwick townships was relatively straightforward. I had already prepared a vector map of the field boundaries on the Ordnance Survey six-inch map of Preston for another project. There was so little difference between the field boundaries on the tithe maps for the townships and the OS map that all was needed was a little tweaking. In Ribbleton, for example, the only real difference between tithe and OS maps was the building of a large barn on the Ribbleton Hall estate between the dates of the two surveys.

Preston was another matter. The pace of development between 1840 when the tithe survey was completed and 1849 when the OS map was published meant that my earlier vector map would not serve. So I prepared a georeferenced map from photographed sections of the Preston tithe map and prepared the vector map from that, overlaying the vector map on the OS map to show the changes in the landscape in the period between the two maps.

Plans showing field names and owners from the Lang survey of 1774 are included below for comparison. Comparing the field names shows how the names can become corrupted in as short a period as half a century. For example, fields named Sawyers Bottoms in 1774 have become Lawyer Bottom by the time of the tithe schedule and Ox Hey becomes Ox Eyes. More amusingly, the Stand Prick Lane Fields of 1774 become the more decorous Stand P Lane Field and Stand P Field on the tithe plan and in the schedule. Later in the century when the Preston historian Anthony Hewitson came to make use of the Lang map he played censor, wiping the offending names from his version of the map. Stand Prick Lane itself was later renamed Bow Lane, the home of Lancashire Archives.

Comparing the Lang and the tithe survey plans shows how the transfer of ownership over the course of 50 years prepared the way for new housing estates in such districts as Plungington and Deepdale from the middle of the 19th century, with the Tomlinsons playing a prominent role. The Preston historian Charles Hardwick traced the release of the plots for building (his book is in the Preston history library: p432):

The Park estate, belonging Saml. Pole Shawe, esq., was opened for building land about the year 1822; Green Bank estate and Ox Heys estate, belonging to the late William Tomlinson and Thomas Tomlinson, esqs., in 1834, to which was added, in 1856, by purchase from John Myers, esq., 100 acres from the Moor Hall estate; Maudlands estate, belonging Edward Pedder, esq., in 1834; Peel Hall estate (135 acres), belonging to the trustees of Gen. Fletcher, in 1848; Lancaster-road and Harrison’s Hill, in 1835; Freehold Park estate, Fulwood (45 acres), in 1850; Hole House estate, in 1855, (belonging to Lady Shelley,) about 30 acres. In 1851, Swainson, Birley, and Co. opened 7 acres, purchased from Lord Derby; and Edward Stanley, esq., opened, in 1852, several detached fields in the vicinity of Fishergate.

This outward expansion was a relatively late development in the town. In the first half of the 19th century inward development was the rule with very poor quality housing being crammed into the courts and alleys off the main streets (see, for example, the articles in the Builder magazine). The centre for the development of middle-class housing in the same period (described in Nigel Morgan’s book Desirable Dwellings) was Winckley Square, which was still not complete at the time of the tithe survey. There was often a gap of several years between the release of land for building and its actual development. In the 18th century any Prestonian building housing outside the urban core could be seen as eccentric. Edward Baines in his History of Lancashire (Preston history library: p357) in discussing the lack of public services in Preston in the 18th century, noted ‘Country Villas were in those days almost as rare in the vicinity of Preston as public works, and hence a neat house, with plantations, erected near the Marsh, by Mr. John Nocks, obtained the name of “Nocks Folly”’. The property is named Knox Folly on the first edition of the OS map. It can be seen on the map below prepared from Lang’s 1774 map of the township. Comparing that plan with the 1840s OS map vividly illustrates the scale of development.

Plan of Preston 1774
Preston OS 6in map 1840s
Preston six-inch OS map 1840s. Map courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.

The tithe map for Preston has not been published, although there are plans to add the Lancashire tithe maps to Lancashire County Council’s MARIO mapping website. A good example of what they will provide for local historians can be seen from the tithe map for Tatham in the north of the county, put on line by the district’s local history society. Find it here:

I have been unable to locate plot number 318 in the tithe schedule transcript on the tithe map.


The pattern of Preston tithe plot owners overlaid on the OS six-inch map surveyed in the 1840s. Map courtesy of the National Library of Scotland. For a high resolution version giving the names of the owner of each individual plot: Preston tithe owners. For a comparison with an earlier pattern of land ownership see the Lang map of 1774.


The pattern of Preston tithe plot occupiers overlaid on the OS six-inch map surveyed in the 1840s. Map courtesy of the National Library of Scotland. For a high resolution version giving the names of the occupier of each individual plot: Preston tithe occupiers

Field Names

For a high resolution map giving field names: Preston tithe plot names. For a similar high resolution map giving the field names on the Lang map of 1774: Lang plot names

Plot Numbers

For a high resolution map giving the individual plot numbers: Preston tithe plot numbers

Plot numberOwnerOccupierPlot descriptionUsageAcresRoodsPolesDecimal acreage
1Emma GriffithsAnn BoothGarden200.50
2John TaylorHimselfGarden290.18
3Emma GriffithsRobert PenningtonGarden1220.39
4Edmund GrimshawAlfred PowerGarden2200.63
5Richard Newsham junHimselfGarden290.18
6Elizabeth GorstHerselfGarden300.19
7Ellen CrossMary KeasleyGarden150.28
8Ellen CrossThomas WhitesideGarden180.30
8aEllen CrossHerselfPlantation2380.74
9Peter Catterall esqHimself Garden1160.35
10Thomas LeachHimselfGarden170.29
11Ellen CrossThomas BurnleyGarden360.23
12Ellen CrossJohn FisherGarden300.19
13John Paley junHimselfGarden1310.44
14James DilworthJohn HorrocksGarden340.21
15Henry B BenceGeorge SidgreavesGarden240.15
16Hutton School Thomas WhitesideGarden3280.93
17Henry B BenceThomas WhitesideGarden11101.31
18Goosnargh Hospital Richard Newsham senGarden1091.06
19Goosnargh Hospital Richard Newsham senGarden230.52
20Goosnargh Hospital Richard Newsham senGarden390.24
21Ellen CrossCharles JacksonGarden260.54
22Mary DansonHerselfGarden320.20
23William TomlinsonHimselfGarden3350.97
24William TomlinsonHimselfBarrels Well Fieldmeadow11231.39
25William TomlinsonHimselfGood Ash Fieldarable21312.44
26William TomlinsonHimselfPart of Little Avenham Fieldarable150.28
26aJohn WalkerWilliam McLomas et alFive Small Gardens230.52
27William TomlinsonHimselfLittle Avenham Fieldarable2270.67
27aCorporation of Preston ThemselvesSeverance for extension Avenham Walksmeadow3130.83
28Betty KnowlesCharles JacksonGarden4004.00
29Ellen CrossJohn WyseCorner Gappasture33153.84
30Betty KnowlesCharles JacksonGarden1051.03
31Betty KnowlesCharles JacksonGarden1021.01
32Ellen CrossThomas WhitesideAvenham Browarable12271.67
33Ellen CrossJohn WyseAvenham Fieldpasture2220.64
34Ellen CrossJohn WyseCook Browarable and pasture1151.28
35Ellen CrossJohn WyseCharley meadowpasture20352.22
36Sir John ShelleyGeorge JacksonBroad meadowpasture40304.19
37Charles JacksonHimselfHouse and Garden3390.99
38Sir John ShelleyJohn WyseSouth meadow Fieldmeadow390.81
39Richard HarrisonJohn WyseSouth meadow Fieldmeadow3170.86
40Sir John ShelleyJohn WyseSouth meadow Fieldmeadow2120.58
41Charles JacksonHimselfSouth meadow Fieldarable11141.34
42Corporation of Preston John WyseHouse and Orchard52145.59
43Ellen CrossJohn WyseGardenarable2380.74
44Charles LutwidgeJohn WyseAlmshouse meadowmeadow33323.95
45John SwainsonJohn PrattGarden2350.72
46Rev John ClayHimselfHouse and garden380.24
47John SwainsonJohn PrattGreat Almshouse meadowarable2082.05
48John SwainsonJohn PrattLittle Almshouse meadowarable20332.21
49North Union Railway Co ThemselvesAirham Sykeswaste12381.74
60Charles JacksonHimselfNursery Grounds21352.47
50Lancaster Canal Co William BeesleyGarden1360.48
51Lancaster Canal Co William BeesleyGarden1100.31
53Thomas BirchallHimselfGarden1290.43
54John SwainsonThomas WhitesideHouse meadowarable3313.76
54aThomas German esqThomas WhitesidePart of House and meadowarable3190.87
55Thomas German esqHimselfPart of Long Cliffemeadow10141.09
56Thomas German esqHimselfHouse and Garden12251.66
57North Union Railway Co ThemselvesRailway Slopes3343.78
58North Union Railway Co ThemselvesSouth meadow Fieldpasture210.51
59Ellen CrossJohn WyseSouth meadow Fieldarable13261.91
60aHenry BlackhurstJohn BruceNursery Grounds100.06
61Henry BlackhurstJohn BruceNursery Grounds1200.38
62Charles JacksonHimselfNursery Grounds11111.32
63Charles JacksonHimselfOrchard etc41204.38
64Samuel ShaweWilliam Parkinsonmeadowmeadow21142.34
65Exors of Edward PedderCharles Jacksonmeadowpasture2232.52
66Exors of Edward PedderWilliam Ecclestonmeadowpasture13311.94
67Thomas TroughtonChristopher MillerOllar Heymeadow2032.02
68Robert Hopkins esqHimselfSouth meadow Lane Fieldmeadow11321.45
69Exors of Edward PedderWilliam DicksonSouth meadow Fieldmeadow11381.49
70Samuel ShaweGeorge Jacksonmeadowmeadow11251.41
71Thomas TroughtonJames Hoghtonmeadowmeadow1101.25
72Hutton School John WyseNursery Ground2270.67
73John TaylorJohn NewtonNursery Ground2250.66
74John TaylorJohn NewtonNursery Ground11251.41
75Edward StanleyJohn WyseNursery Ground11231.39
76William ClaytonRichard ClarksonOrchard3390.99
77Charles JacksonHimselfOrchard 13361.98
78William ClaytonWilliam NightingaleNursery grounds3343.78
79Sir John ShelleyJane ScottHollow meadowpasture90389.24
79aHutton School John TaylorNursery Ground2330.71
80John TaylorHimselfNursery Ground53365.98
81Mary Ann ButlerRobert PendeburyCorner Fieldpasture13211.88
82John SmithJohn TaylorNursery Ground30273.17
83George FishwickeThomas WaiteNursery Grounds2282.55
84Rev Thomas BennThomas WaiteHouse and garden280.55
85Edmund GrimshawSamuel SmithSouth meadow Lane Fieldmeadow1231.52
86Charles JacksonHimselfCottage and Garden150.28
87Thomas TroughtonJames HoghtonSouth meadow Croftmeadow2120.58
88Thomas TroughtonJames HoghtonSouth meadow Croftmeadow1051.03
89Edward StanleyCharles JacksonFarmost South meadow Lanemeadow10111.07
90Edward StanleyCharles JacksonMiddle South meadow Lanemeadow12391.74
91Edward StanleyCharles JacksonSouth meadow Lanearable30143.09
92Will Dickson esqJames BellGarden370.23
93Will Dickson esqHimselfRound Cliffearable21272.42
93aWill Dickson esqHimselfRound Cliffearable3210.88
94Will Dickson esqHimselfLoxams Banksarable11191.37
94aWill Dickson esqHimselfRound Cliffe and Loxhams Banksarable1370.48
95Thomas Shuttleworth StarkieHimselfHouse and Garden160.29
96Corporation of Preston Charles JacksonGarden2002.00
97Thomas German esqHimselfLong Cliffemeadow10141.09
98Thomas German esqHimselfLong Cliffemeadow43184.86
99James and Andrew CaunceWilliam JolleyGarden370.23
100James CaunceMatthew YatesPart Airham Sykesarable180.30
100aCorporation of Preston Matthew YatesPart of Airham Sykesarable270.54
101Corporation of Preston Matthew YatesPart of Airham Sykesarable2340.71
102Kenneth McKenzieJohn FoxcroftMarrow Bonearable3170.86
105Edward StanleyDaniel Dewhurst senBrow Fieldpasture3330.96
106Daniel Newsham senHimselfGarden etc10221.14
107Catherine LoweMichael SatterthwaiteGarden2120.58
109Thomas DewhurstHimselfGarden1110.32
110Thomas AinsworthSusanna FieldingGarden1260.41
111Edmund LodgeEdward HalliwellGarden10121.08
112William MillerRichard HodgsonGarden2220.64
113Penwortham Charity John Catterallmeadowmeadow11251.41
114Penwortham Charity John Catterallmeadowmeadow11111.32
115Corporation of Preston William NightingaleGarden1081.05
116William Heatley esqWilliam JollyCroftmeadow3240.90
117Thomas TroughtonJohn AllisonMarsh meadowmeadow30333.21
118Margaret JonesGeorge JacksonNear Fieldmeadow11141.34
119Edmund LodgeJames CooksonGarden3180.86
120James PedderWilliam JolleyWest and East Side of Lanemeadow22312.69
121James PedderWilliam JolleyFar meadowpasture1121.26
122James PedderWilliam JolleyLittle meadowpasture10131.08
123James PedderWilliam JolleyEllar Heymeadow13211.88
124Sir Thomas StanleyJohn WyseStand  p Fieldarable10181.11
125Sir Thomas StanleyJohn WyseLittle Goldsmiths Bankarable1331.77
126Thomas LadymanHimselfStand p Lane Fieldpasture11161.35
127Sir Thomas StanleyJohn WyseLittle Goldsmiths Bankarable12221.64
128James PedderWilliam JolleyMarsh meadowmeadow3163.29
129Goosnargh Hospital John TurnerMarsh meadowmeadow20122.08
130Corporation of Preston and Edward StanleyJohn Whalleymeadowmeadow1051.03
131Samuel ShaweJohn WhalleyMarsh meadowmeadow20232.14
132Miles RodgettThomas MarsdenGarden3140.84
133Hutton School John Whalleymeadowpasture20332.21
134Rev Thomas  S GrimshawJohn WhalleyHouse and Garden2270.67
135Rev Thomas  S GrimshawJohn WhalleyMarsh meadowmeadow22342.71
136Rev Thomas  S GrimshawJohn WhalleyDivel meadowmeadow11141.34
137Rev Thomas  S GrimshawJohn WhalleyDivel meadowmeadow30143.09
138Corporation of Preston [blank] Cabin Fieldmeadow31273.42
139James PedderThomas GoodierBrier Heyarable41244.40
140Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway Co ThemselvesMaudland meadowwaste21232.39
140aExecs Edward BrownJohn ParkerGarden1240.40
141Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway Co ThemselvesMaudland Croftwaste2180.61
142Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway Co ThemselvesMaudland Croftwaste12291.68
143Lancaster Canal Co Robert DunderdaleGarden3320.95
144Horrocks Miller and Co William Taylor esqMoss Cottage and Grounds3180.86
145Thomas PrescottHimselfHouse and Garden1350.47
145aThomas OxendaleHugh DawsonSeverancepasture2370.73
146James PedderJohn RawstorneGreat Moss meadowarable31303.44
147Exors of Edward PedderThemselvesLittle Croftwaste240.53
148James PedderJohn and William EddlestonWheat Cakewaste1170.36
149Wyre Railway Company John and William EddlestonBell Founderwaste23352.97
150James PedderHimselfSeverance of Hall Courtsarable1180.36
151James PedderHimselfHall Courtsarable12271.67
152James PedderGeorge RogersonLittle Horse Heyorchard21342.46
153James PedderHimselfGreat Horse Heyarable12391.74
154James PedderHimselfGreat Horse Heyarable2160.60
155James PedderBetty LeachPringlearable3210.88
156James PedderWilliam SmithSeverance Roundaboutarable2210.63
157James PedderFrancis FosterFlat meadowbrick croft41194.37
157aDaniel Dewhurst senHimselfSeverancearable2120.58
158James PedderHimselfWell Fieldbrick croft20222.14
159James PedderWilliam DewhurstWell Fieldarable3283.55
160James PedderThomas HunterRough Heyarable21122.33
161Corporation of Preston John WhalleyCabin Fieldmeadow23232.89
162Corporation of Preston Edward Brown  New Marsh meadowmeadow3153.28
163Corporation of Preston John JohnsonSpaw Brow Fieldmeadow30143.09
164Corporation of Preston Freemen of the TownshipPreston Marshpasture3031130.82
165Corporation of Preston James NicksonSpaw Brow Fieldmeadow3073.04
166Corporation of Preston John JohnsonSpaw Brow Fieldmeadow5125.26
167Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation1171.29
168James PedderWilliam DewhurstWell Fieldarable21172.36
169James PedderWilliam DewhurstSpaw Brow Fieldarable1190.37
170James PedderThomas MossHangman Fieldbrick croft30333.21
171James PedderWilliam DewhurstSpaw Brow Fieldmeadow22332.71
172Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation2280.68
173Corporation of Preston Thomas ParkHouse and garden1200.38
174John DewhurstHimselfHouse and Grounds12111.57
175James PearsonHimselfSpring Cottage and Grounds2350.72
176Corporation of Preston Ellen WhittleGarden1290.43
177Corporation of Preston Ellen WhittleGarden1260.41
178Sir John ShelleyWyre Railway Co Part of Bug Mire Hole and Fir Croftarable3140.84
179Sir John ShelleyWilliam SharplesGarden13271.92
180Sir John ShelleyWilliam SharplesPart of Browy meadowarable10241.15
181William TaylorHimselfPart of Bug Mirearable2250.66
182William TaylorHimselfPart of Browy Fieldarable1260.41
183Lancaster Canal Co John PimleyGarden1180.36
184Sir John ShelleyWilliam SharplesCalf Croftpasture13381.99
185Sir John ShelleyWilliam SharplesFurther meadowmeadow2332.77
186Sir John ShelleyWilliam SharplesFurther meadowbrick croft30253.16
187Sir John ShelleyWilliam SharplesLong Fieldpasture3033.02
188Sir John ShelleyWilliam SharplesGreat pasture Fieldmeadow3073.04
189Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge MillerHouse Barn and Fold300.75
190Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge MillerGarden3240.90
191Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge Millermeadowmeadow1281.55
192Thomas and William TomlinsonStephen WillanRushey Heymeadow5315.76
193Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge MillerBrow Fieldmeadow4254.53
194Thomas and William TomlinsonCharles EdmondsonFar End of Bull meadowmeadow13271.92
195Thomas and William TomlinsonFrancis Sleddon jnrPoor Fieldmeadow43144.84
196Thomas and William TomlinsonRichard FaircloughFour Acre Fieldpasture73367.98
197Thomas and William TomlinsonThomas MossLittle pasture Fieldmeadow30173.11
197aThomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesOccupation Road1250.41
198Thomas and William TomlinsonJohn EdgeMiddle Fieldmeadow31233.39
198aThomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesOccupation Road1210.38
199Thomas and William TomlinsonJohn EdgeLancaster meadowmeadow4004.00
199aThomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesOccupation Road1370.48
200Sir John ShelleyEarl of Balcarres Middle Field etcmeadow71337.46
201Sir John ShelleyEarl of Balcarres Browy Fieldpasture62146.59
202Exors of Abraham ParkerJohn Whalley et alHigher Fieldarable20262.16
203Exors of Abraham ParkerHugh and William DawsonHigher Fieldarable21162.35
204Exors of Abraham ParkerJohn Whalley et alNearer meadowarable10281.18
205Henry MyersWilliam EcclesPart of Brow Fieldarable11201.38
206Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesWaste Land2340.71
207Henry myersWilliam EcclesPart of Brow Fieldarable21152.34
208Henry myersRobert KirkhamLong meadowpasture3100.81
209Thomas and William TomlinsonStephen WillanStubble meadowpasture21162.35
210Henry MyersRobert KirkhamLong meadowpasture20172.11
211Henry MyersRichard WatsonDoo Bankspasture4094.06
212Henry MyersRichard WatsonDoo Bankspasture12131.58
213Henry MyersJoseph CroftPathway Fieldmeadow62246.65
214Henry MyersJoseph CroftField Next Eallmeadow50195.12
215Henry MyersJoseph CroftMaster Fieldpasture1301.75
216Henry MyersJoseph CroftLong meadowpasture11321.45
217Henry MyersJoseph CroftGreat Lower Fieldpasture60156.09
218Henry MyersJoseph CroftLittle Pathway Fieldmeadow4324.76
219Henry MyersJoseph CroftGreat Clayton Heypasture73287.93
220Henry MyersJoseph CroftBetts meadowmeadow53325.95
221Henry MyersJoseph CroftLittle Clayton Heypasture2142.28
222Henry MyersJohn Inghammeadowmeadow3310.94
222aHenry MyersJohn InghamSeverancemeadow250.16
223Henry MyersJoseph CroftLower Fieldpasture13271.92
224Henry MyersJoseph CroftLower Fieldpasture2220.64
225Henry MyersJoseph CroftLong meadowpasture1101.25
226Henry MyersJoseph CroftMaster Fieldpasture30313.19
227Henry MyersJoseph CroftLow meadowmeadow41204.38
228Henry MyersJoseph CroftFurther Wood Fieldmeadow33153.84
229Henry MyersJohn InghamLower Brook Fieldmeadow2142.28
230Henry MyersJoseph CroftWood Fieldmeadow33143.84
231Henry MyersJoseph CroftHorse pasturemeadow12291.68
232Henry MyersJoseph CroftHorse pasturepasture42124.58
233Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture22112.57
234Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture3130.83
235Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture1151.28
236Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Stubble meadowpasture10161.10
237Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture1011.01
238Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture2320.70
239Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture20182.11
240Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture13191.87
241Thomas and William TomlinsonThemselvesPart of Ox Eyespasture41354.47
242Henry MyersJoseph CroftHouse Barn and Foldmeadow3270.92
243Henry MyersJoseph CroftMarl’d Fieldmeadow62376.73
244Henry MyersJoseph CroftCopymeadow22342.71
245Henry MyersJohn InghamBrook Fieldmeadow22142.59
246Henry MyersJoseph CroftWood Fieldmeadow20342.21
247Henry MyersJoseph CroftPathway Fieldmeadow3203.50
248Thomas and William TomlinsonStephen WillanFurther Ox heypasture12301.69
249Henry MyersJames PearsonBroomFieldpasture23132.83
250Henry MyersJames PearsonMiddle Browpasture32393.74
251Henry MyersJoseph CroftFarmost Fieldmeadow22322.70
252Henry MyersJoseph CroftLittle meadowmeadow11281.43
253Henry MyersJoseph CroftRough Fieldmeadow2322.76
254Henry MyersJoseph CroftLong Fieldmeadow51385.49
255Henry MyersJoseph CroftLittle Long Fieldmeadow21382.49
256Henry MyersJoseph CroftLong Fieldmeadow80318.19
257Henry MyersJoseph CroftPond meadowmeadow13281.93
258Henry MyersJoseph CroftLond Heymeadow41164.35
259Henry MyersJoseph CroftOrchard meadowmeadow3273.54
260Henry MyersJoseph CroftGarden1371.79
260aHenry MyersJoseph CroftBuildings and Yard130.27
261Henry MyersJoseph CroftGreat meadowarable33363.98
262Henry MyersJoseph CroftRoad12281.68
263Henry MyersJohn SergeantBrick Croft31143.34
264Henry MyersJoseph Croftmeadowmeadow41294.43
265Henry MyersJoseph CroftMiddle Fieldmeadow31183.36
266Henry MyersJoseph CroftGreen Fieldmeadow1101.25
267Henry MyersJoseph CroftMiddle Fieldmeadow31103.31
268Henry MyersJoseph CroftBrock meadowmeadow33363.98
269Henry MyersJoseph CroftBrook Fieldmeadow41334.46
270Henry Myers esqWilliam ExtonBrook meadowmeadow1231.52
271Henry Myers esqThomas StuartPart of Preston Moorpasture1270.42
272Henry Myers esqWilliam ExtonPart of Preston Moorarable140.09
273Henry Myers esqWilliam ExtonHouse garden etc1120.33
274Henry Myers esqWilliam ExtonBarn Fieldpasture12281.68
275Henry Myers esqThomas TaylorPart of Preston Moorarable290.56
276Richard RileyHimselfPart of Preston Moorarable1270.42
277Henry Myers esqWilliam ExtonGarden2340.71
278William Ormerod PilkingtonHimselfGarden part of Moor Hall1270.42
279William Ormerod PilkingtonHimselfHouse and Garden part of Moorarable1180.36
280John HorrocksHimselfPart of Preston Moorarable1290.43
281John HorrocksHimselfPart of Moor Hall Estatearable3170.86
282George HorrocksHimselfPart of Moor Hall Estatearable2260.66
283George HorrocksHimselfPart of Preston Moorarable360.23
284Thomas ClarkeHimselfPart of Preston Moorarable380.24
285Thomas ClarkeHimselfPart of Moor Hall Estatearable2300.69
286Proctor WalkerHimselfPart of Moor Hall Estatearable110.26
287Proctor WalkerHimselfPart of Preston Moorarable1170.36
288Thomas WrenHimselfPart of Preston Moorarable1290.43
289Thomas WrenHimselfGarden360.23
290Hugh MargisonSamuel GrimshawGarden part of Moor Hall200.13
291Hugh MargisonSamuel GrimshawGarden part of Preston Moor350.22
292Samuel AinsworthFrancis Sleddon jnrGarden part of Preston Moor190.31
293Samuel AinsworthFrancis Sleddon jnrGarden part of Moor Hall310.19
294Henry MyersHimselfGarden part of Moor Hall220.14
295Henry MyersJohn SergeantBrick Croft part of Moor3250.91
296Corporation of Preston [blank] Part of Preston Moorpasture2002.00
297Henry MyersJames PearsonMoor Dale Fieldpasture21372.48
298Henry MyersJames PearsonMoor Browpasture21222.39
299Thomas and William TomlinsonThomas RittPart of Moor Brrok Croftarable1280.43
300Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterPart of Near Brook Fieldarable2350.72
301Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterPart of Near Brook Fieldarable1201.50
302Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterPart of Near Brook Fieldarable11241.40
303Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterMiddle Brook Fieldarable1221.51
304Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterPart of Further Brook Fieldarable11211.38
305Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterPart of Further Brook Fieldarable200.50
306Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterPart of Brook Fieldarable1270.42
307Thomas and William TomlinsonWilliam TaylorPart of Greystocks Browarable22262.66
308Thomas and William TomlinsonJohn EdgePart of Barn Fieldarable12101.56
309Thomas and William TomlinsonJohn EdgePart of Barn Fieldarable21282.43
310Thomas and William TomlinsonCharles EdmondsonHouse Garden etc1371.79
311Thomas and William TomlinsonGeorge LancasterPart of East Pathway Fieldarable30293.18
312Thomas and William TomlinsonStephen WillanPart of Nearer Pathway Fieldarable230.52
313Thomas and William TomlinsonWilliam SmithPart of Moor Brook Fieldarable10391.24
314Thomas and William TomlinsonWilliam SmithPart of Moor Brook Fieldarable2350.72
315Thomas and William TomlinsonWilliam SmithPart of Moor Brook Fieldarable1021.01
316Thomas and William TomlinsonWilliam WhalleyWheat Cakearable3220.89
317Rev Thomas CouplandRichard PrittGarden200.13
318Mary NicksonHerselfGarden1370.48
319Rev Thomas CouplandJohn PrittCroftarable2320.70
320Mary NicksonHerselfMoor Lane Fieldarable2142.28
321William HumberThomas SharplesMay Day Fieldarable20232.14
322Samuel ShaweJohn GoodierLowest Banksarable1370.48
323Samuel ShaweJames PearsonLowest Bankpasture10381.24
323aSamuel ShaweJames PearsonPart of Brook meadowmeadow23332.96
324Samuel ShaweJames PearsonPart of Hollow meadowmeadow5255.53
325Samuel ShaweJohn GoodierPart of Hollow meadowarable42194.62
326Samuel ShaweJames PearsonPart of Hollow meadowmeadow42214.63
327Francis Sleddon senWilliam GardinerGreat Bankarable1391.81
328Robert LambertHimselfGreat Bankarable3280.93
329Francis Sleddon senHimselfHouse and Garden2340.71
330Francis Sleddon senHimselfBarn meadowarable1281.55
331Francis Sleddon senHimselfGarden1180.36
332Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation200.13
333Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation180.30
334Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation140.09
335Corporation of PrestonRalph DicksonBrick Croft31223.39
336Corporation of Preston ThemselvesRoad3340.96
337John TurnerHimselfBuilding Plotgarden270.54
338James HoggHimselfGarden1360.48
339Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPart of Preston Moorarable63306.94
340Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation110.26
341Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPart of Moorarable62116.57
342Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation270.17
343Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation1210.38
344Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation1210.38
344aCorporation of Preston ThemselvesAvenue6096.06
345Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation1380.49
346Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation340.21
347Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation240.15
348Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation330.21
349Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation1171.29
350Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation12181.61
351Corporation of Preston ThemselvesLake and Plantation13301.94
352Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPart of Preston Moorpasture971497.28
353Corporation of Preston ThemselvesSerpentine Road4164.29
354Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPart of Preston Moorarable4002940.18
355Corporation of Preston Matthew BrownPart of Preston Moormeadow6016.01
356Corporation of Preston John SergeantPart of Preston Moorarable81128.33
357Corporation of Preston James CooksonPart of Preston Moorarable40384.24
358Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPart of Preston Moorarable213121.76
359Overseer of Preston Poor Henry JacksonBull Fieldmeadow40344.21
359aCorporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation1270.42
360Overseer of Preston Poor Henry JacksonCalf Croftpasture2112.26
361Overseer of Preston Poor Henry JacksonBrook meadowarable42104.56
362Overseer of Preston Poor Henry JacksonNearer Footpath Fieldmeadow3003.00
363Philip Park et alHugh CaunceBrow meadowarable11251.41
364Philip Park et alHugh CaunceBrick Croft1361.79
365Robert Bickerstaffe esqRobert ShawPathway meadowarable3103.25
366Robert Bickerstaffe esqRobert ShawBrow meadowarable12151.59
367Corporation of Preston Richard AughtonStanley Field Brick Croft43294.93
368Samuel ShaweArthur BurrowGreat Salter meadowbrick croft30153.09
369Samuel ShaweJohn DewhurstFurther meadowmeadow30383.24
370Overseer of Preston Poor Henry JacksonMoorside Fieldmeadow12341.71
371Overseer of Preston Poor Henry JacksonGarden3320.95
372Overseer of Preston Poor Henry JacksonMoor Side Fieldarable1311.76
373Corporation of Preston Henry JacksonGarden40334.21
373aCorporation of Preston Henry JacksonHouse of Recovery and Plantation370.79
374Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPart of Moorpasture13371.98
375Corporation of Preston John WilcocksonPart of Preston Moorarable3320.95
376Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonCroftmeadow12301.69
377Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonSeverance1150.34
378Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonGardenarable10281.18
378aCharles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonHouse Fold etcpasture2380.74
379Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonGarden Fieldmeadow20392.24
380Corporation of Preston [blank] Part of Preston Moorarable21132.33
381Corporation of Preston ThemselvesPlantation10291.18
382Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonCarters Browmeadow3393.81
383Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonRushey Fieldmeadow4324.76
384Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonNear Fieldmeadow31143.34
385Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonFurther Fieldmeadow20352.22
386Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonLittle Wignallmeadow23392.99
387Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonGarden Fieldpasture3163.29
388Corporation of Preston James CooksonBackhouse Croftarable3173.29
389Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonMarl Fieldmeadow1200.38
390Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonMarl Fieldmeadow62146.59
391Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonBean Fieldmeadow51125.33
392Corporation of Preston James CooksonBarn Fieldarable23252.91
393Corporation of Preston James CooksonHollow meadowarable33113.82
394Corporation of Preston James CooksonRoadpasture380.24
395Corporation of Preston James CooksonLittle Acrepasture1331.77
396Corporation of Preston James CooksonOld Hey Fieldmeadow51335.46
397James Blanchard esqMatthew BrownGreat Croftarable1121.26
398James Blanchard esqMatthew BrownGarden2130.58
399Corporation of Preston Public Road etc40194.12
400Corporation of Preston William HoolePart of Preston Moorarable300.75
401James Blanchard esqMatthew BrownBarn and Fieldmead and arable3393.81
402James Blanchard esqMatthew BrownGreat meadowmeadow43314.94
403James Blanchard esqMatthew BrownGreat meadowmeadow2180.61
404Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonFurther Bean Fieldmeadow53165.85
405Hannah CarrJoseph LiveseyFurther meadowmeadow3153.28
406Hannah CarrJoseph LiveseyMiddle Fieldpasture53295.93
407Hannah CarrJoseph Liveseymeadowpasture13361.98
408Hannah CarrJoseph LiveseyGarden2330.71
409Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonGarden300.75
410Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonClayton Haymeadow31353.47
411Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonBottom and Watts Fieldmeadow1432314.89
412Hannah CarrJoseph LiveseyPitt Field and Croftpasture3333.77
413Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonNearest Row Moorpasture32393.74
414Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonMiddle Row Moorpasture22362.73
415Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonFarther row Moorpasture23362.98
416Hannah CarrJoseph LiveseyFurther meadowmeadow30383.24
417Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerRow Moorpasture5375.79
418Samuel Cartwright et alThomas HubbersleyFurther Row Moormeadow10381.24
419Samuel Cartwright et alJohn DicksonMiddle Row Moormeadow22132.58
420Samuel Cartwright et alJohn DicksonNearest Row Moormeadow51155.34
421Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownNearer Smith Fieldmeadow31133.33
422Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFurther Smith Fieldmeadow23292.93
423Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFurther Long Fieldmeadow13331.96
424Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownNear Long Fieldmeadow42124.58
425Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFarmost Fieldmeadow32253.66
426Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFarmost Fieldmeadow11221.39
427Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonLong Fieldpasture23162.85
428Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonFurther pasture Fieldpasture3053.03
429Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonLane meadowmeadow2252.53
430Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonMoor Heypasture50215.13
431Corporation of Preston Robert Dickinsonpasture Fieldarable23152.84
432Corporation of Preston Robert Dickinsonmeadowpasture33273.92
433Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonGreat Fieldpasture3363.79
434Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonBarn Fieldpasture31363.48
435Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonLong Croftpasture21112.32
436Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonLong Croftarable1241.53
437Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonEllethorne meadowmeadow21122.33
438Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonBrowmeadow23152.84
439Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonBarn Croftmeadow31373.48
440Corporation of Preston Robert DickinsonLittle Croftmeadow32123.58
441Barton Fletcher AllenThomas Gregsonmeadowmeadow23182.86
442Corporation of Preston Thomas GregsonPart of Moorarable3110.82
443Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonOrchard meadowmeadow13241.90
444Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonGarden}3110.82
444aBarton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonGarden}0.00
445Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonBarn Fieldmead and pasture3203.50
446Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonNear pasture Fieldpasture40184.11
447Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonFurther pasture Fieldarable1341.78
448Preston and Longridge Railway Co ThemselvesRailway Slopes etc5205.50
449Barton Fletcher AllenThomas GregsonSeverance by Railwayarable2002.00
450James LordHimselfmeadow Swamppasture42104.56
451James LordHimselfRoad1100.31
452James LordHimselfNearest meadowmead and pasture20352.22
453James LordHimselfGarden etc3150.84
454Townley Rigby ShaweEdward BradleyFurther Ribbleton Lane Fieldmeadow2282.55
455Townley Rigby ShaweEdward BradleyNearer Ribbleton Lane Fieldmeadow22242.65
456Peter Catterall esqHimself Ribbleton Lane Fieldpasture20332.21
457James LordHimselfMiddle meadowmeadow3273.54
458James LordJoseph BrownOrchard12291.68
459James LordJoseph BrownPlantation340.21
460Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFarmost Fieldmeadow280.18
461Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFarmost Fieldmeadow1191.31
462Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFurther Long Fieldmeadow12291.68
463Peter Catterall esqMatthew BrownFurther Smith Fieldmeadow12261.66
464Samuel Cartwright et alThomas HubbersleyFurther Row Moormeadow2182.30
465James LordHimselfFarest meadowmeadow3103.25
466Peter Catterall esqHimself Brick Croft50315.19
467Samuel ShaweJames GrimshawRibbleton Lane Fieldarable33263.91
468Catherine LovedayJames GrimshawLittle meadowpasture21112.32
469Catherine LovedayJames GrimshawFurther meadowpasture32213.63
470Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerRow Moorpasture20242.15
471Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerRow Moorpasture33253.91
472Catherine LovedayJames GrimshawGreat meadowmeadow60366.23
473John BourneJames GrimshawRibbleton Lane Fieldmeadow32203.63
474Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerMarl’d Fieldpasture23392.99
475Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerMarl’d Fieldpasture42184.61
476Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonSeverance Marl’d Fieldmeadow11371.48
477Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonFurther Fieldmeadow2042.03
478Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerGreat meadowmeadow51205.38
479Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerBarn Croft and Foldmeadow10271.17
480Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerFarmost Lady Heymeadow42144.59
481Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonNearer Fieldmeadow10371.23
482Charles LutwidgeJohn SergeantMiddle Lady Heyarable30273.17
483Charles LutwidgeJohn WilcocksonLady Heymeadow2162.29
484Charles LutwidgeWilliam HooleLady Heymeadow21372.48
485Magistrates of County of Lancaster Charles AnthonyHouse of Correction Gardens and Lawns etc8008.00
486Peter Catterall esqHimself Lane Fieldpasture2242.53
487Peter Catterall esqHimself Long Field and Long Acrespasture72137.58
488John SmithCharles JacksonGarden11281.43
489Horrocks Miller and Co ThemselvesMarl Fieldmeadow11301.44
490Horrocks Miller and Co ThemselvesMarl Fieldmeadow3310.94
491Joseph RobinsonJohn SergeantThree Closes etcpasture1103811.24
492Ralph DicksonHimselfHalf Mill Fieldpasture31103.31
493Peter Catterall esqHimself Lane Fieldpasture2290.68
494John GrimshawJames AstleyCocky Fieldpasture13361.98
495Ralph DicksonHimselfHalf Mill Fieldmeadow1320.45
496Earl of Derby Richard ParkinsonBrick Croft21312.44
497Earl of Derby Richard ParkinsonBarn Fieldmeadow21312.44
498Earl of Derby Richard ParkinsonNew Hall Lane Fieldpasture41204.38
499Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerGreat Fieldmeadow51395.49
500Charles LutwidgeHannah Cutter meadowmeadow40144.09
501Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerLong Fieldmeadow2042.03
502Peter HaydockRichard CuerdenClosemeadow5025.01
503James HeatleyJames GrimshawHigher Causeway Fieldarable42224.64
504Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerFarther Fieldmeadow3193.31
505Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerFarther Fieldmeadow3133.27
506Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerClosemeadow12301.69
507Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerClosemeadow2012.01
508Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerClosemeadow3283.55
509Charles LutwidgeHannah SpencerLong Croftmeadow12161.60
510Hutton School Samuel OgdenLong Croftmeadow1261.54
511Earl of Derby Richard ParkinsonGreat Far Fieldmeadow41394.49
512Rev Thomas RavenJohn SergeantBrick Croft4264.54
513William ShaweJoseph KnightAcre Gate Lane Fieldmeadow4094.06
514John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseAcre Gate Lane Fieldpasture41104.31
515James HeatleyJames GrimshawHigher Pathway Fieldpasture2392.81
516James HeatleyJames GrimshawGarden1170.36
517James NewshamMatthew BrownClosemeadow31393.49
518Townley Rigby ShaweEdward BradleyClosemeadow5155.28
519Townley Rigby ShaweEdward BradleyClosemeadow52135.58
520James NewshamMatthew BrownClosemeadow31243.40
521James HeatleyJames GrimshawLower Pathway Fieldpasture3223.51
522John GrimshawRobert WoodhouseAcre Gate Lane Fieldmeadow4184.30
523William ShaweJoseph KnightAcre Gate Lane Fieldmeadow43174.86
524Rev Thomas RavenJohn SergeantClosemeadow41384.49
525Execs Edward BrownJohn SergeantLong meadowpasture13341.96
526Townley Rigby ShaweJoseph Knightmeadowmeadow30233.14
527Townley Rigby ShaweJohn Anyonmeadowmeadow32153.59
528Townley Rigby ShaweJohn AnyonCroftpasture1231.52
529Townley Rigby ShaweJohn Anyonmeadowpasture12261.66
530Earl of Derby Richard ParkinsonFurther meadowmeadow30313.19
531Earl of Derby Richard ParkinsonCroftpasture1200.38
532Joseph RobinsonRichard ParkinsonSouth Side New Hall Lanepasture1301.75
533Earl of Derby Richard ParkinsonNearer meadowpasture33113.82
534Joseph RobinsonHimselfPart of Brow Fieldpasture1171.29
535Charles LutwidgeThomas LadymanWalkers gardenbrick croft and pasture61306.44
536Samuel HorrocksHimselfPart of Little Albyn Heypasture11161.35
537Samuel HorrocksHimselfPart of Great Albyn Heyarable3120.83
538Samuel HorrocksRichard RileyGarden1250.41
539Samuel HorrocksHimselfLonepasture12381.74
540Samuel HorrocksWilliam TomlinsonLawyers Bottompasture22312.69
541Lawrence RawstorneHimselfPart of Holmes Gardenarable2240.65
542Joseph WalkerHimselfSchool Fieldarable1091.06
543Joseph WalkerHimselfSchool Fieldarable3340.96
544Joseph WalkerHimselfSchool Fieldpasture11361.48
545Joseph WalkerHimselfSchool Fieldpasture30313.19
54bPeter Catterall esqThomas WhitesidePart of House meadowarable290.18
546Samuel HorrocksWilliam TomlinsonLawyers Bottompasture20282.18
547Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway Co ThemselvesRailway (part of Moor Hall)230.52
548Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway Co ThemselvesRailway51105.31
549Lancaster and Preston Junction Railway Co ThemselvesRailway (part of Moor Hall)31143.34

A selection of some of the other items on this site


An 'Irish' district in Preston, Lancashire in 1851

Does the district known as Little Ireland that was firmly established in Preston by the middle of the 19th century qualify as a ‘ghetto’? It was home to Irish immigrants attracted by the town’s employment opportunities and driven by the famine that was devastating their country. See Irish ‘ghettoes’ in 19th-century Preston

The 15th Earl of Derby

When the 1871 census seemed to show just how much land was held in so few hands the Radicals were jubilant. The Conservative Earl of Derby was prodded to stand up in the House of Lords to demand a recount by way of a government survey. The result showed who owned most of the land in Lancashire. See Who owned Lancashire?

Avenham Colonnade Preston

Desirable Dwellings
– Nigel Morgan’s ‘lost book’: the best guide to middle-class housing in Victorian Preston and a detailed source for the social history of the town. Rediscovered only very recently. See Desirable Dwellings – Nigel Morgan’s ‘lost book’

Why did so very few conscripts from Preston’s working-class districts find a place in the officer’s mess, and what does it say about the class divide in Edwardian Preston? See Great War conscription and Edwardian Preston’s ‘class ceiling’


More articles


Col Thomas Bellingham

The diaries of Thomas Bellingham (above) and Lawrence Rawstorne open a window on life in 17th-century Preston, and reveal the web of family and social connections that enabled the gentry to govern Lancashire. See Bellingham/Rawstorne diaries

Septimus Tebay - Rivington Grammar School headmaster

From the back streets of Preston to the back streets of Farnworth by way of Cambridge and headship of Rivington Grammar School, the life of Septimus Tebay is a remarkable story of clogs to clogs in one generation. See Septimus Tebay — maths prodigy

Fr Bernard Page in his army chaplain's uniform

A number of Catholic priests from Preston volunteered to serve as army chaplains in the Great War. They included Fr Bernard Page who saw service on the Western Front and in revolutionary Russia. Clerics in khaki

Sir Alexander Rigby of Lancashire

Alexander Rigby, one of the key figures in the Civil War in Lancashire, never let principles get in the way of a good deal: he was ‘never knowne to bee worth one [thousand] till hee became a publicke robber by law: but you must remember hee had beene a lawyer and a bad one.’ Alexander Rigby and his family.

More biographies


Kim Travis has traced the history of the Tulketh district of Preston and its hall from pre-Norman times up to the present day. It is a marvelously detailed reconstruction. See Tulketh and its hall.

One of the foulest of the many obnoxious trades of Victorian England was the tanning of leather. The Dixon family of Bank Parade, Avenham, developed Preston’s largest tannery on their own doorstep. See Frenchwood Tannery.

Map of Moor Park, Preston, in the 1840s

Preston’s claim to have created Britain’s first public park with the opening of Moor Park in the first half of the 19th-century was, some years ago, called into question by a leading academic. Was he right? Preston’s first park.

Plan of Stand Prick fields in 18th-century Preston

Bow Lane, the Preston address of Lancashire Archives, was earlier named Spring Street. Even earlier it had a somewhat indecorous name. See Stand Prick Lane.

More of Preston’s historic places

Maps and Plans

Preston Market Square in the later 17th century. Find this and other plans of the town at that date here.

Section of a 17th-century road map of Lancashire from Ribbleton, Preston, to Inglewhite

A plan of the route to Inglewhite from Ribbleton in the later 17th century. More Lancashire road plans here.

Plan showing principal landowners in Lang survey

Plan of Preston in 1774 showing the holdings of the principal landowners. The 1774 Preston survey.

Map of Domesday Preston

Map shows what the road network round Preston might have looked like in the late 11th century. Note no Walton bridge. Preston after Domesday

More Maps and Plans

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