April 1690

For background information about the diaries and their transcribers see Introduction

April ye 1st, 1690. A very fayr day. I walk’t to and din’d att Penwortham. We went to see some men fishing a marlepond, but gott little fish. They found a Hellmett in ye sluch. Captaine Parker came to us. He went wth us to the ale house. Nabby is very ill of ye tooth ach.

Ye 2d. A fayr day. Mr. Hilton came hither. He sayes all matters goe on well between ye K and Parl. We din’d att Cousen Johnson’s.

Ye 3d. A very fayr day. I visited Mr Bostock, who lies dangerously ill. I view’d ye lodgings att Tophams, and got a bill of £10 from Mr. Chaddock to be payd in London by Mr. flavell, merchs.

Ye 4th. A gloomy day. I was wth Mr. Farrington and Swetnam. Wrote severall letters. Was wth ye Mayor of lerpoole. Wm Bellingham came to town. I was some time wth him, and was late wth ye Sherriffe. R. Bostock dy’d.

Ye 5th. Windy weather, judge Ventris came in here this day, din’d att Mr. Pattens, and was treated wth a banquett by ye Mayor and town. Att night 2 Irish men, James Doran and Tho Bourke, were seiz’d as suspicious persons. They had letters about them to Sr James Poole, Sr Rowland Stanly, Sr Wm Creagh, and to young Mr. Mollineaux. They were examin’d aparte. They differ’ d in theyr examinations and produc’d a counterfeite certificate under Rich. Engolsbys hand. They are secur’d and confin’d.

Ye 6th. High western wind. We had ye Kings letter and the statutes and Homily read in ye Church against Drunkenness. R. Bostock was buryed.

Ye 7th. divers weathers. I walk’t wth Mr Green and Chaddoc. One Edwards, a 3d person who was in company of Bourke and Doran, came to town and was examin’d. He proves an honest man. All theyr Portmanteaus were open’d and some letters were found, but of little consequence.

Ye 8th. Very fayr. I saw Loxam’s horse heat att Penwortham marsh. I din’d there, and saw a battle ragad between 4 cocks. Capt Clayton had a letter that gave an account how ill a condition K. Ja. army was in Ireland, and of 4 Regiments of French being landed there.

Ye 9th. Very fayr. I walk’d to young Mr. Farringtons, and din’d there. After went to ye ale-house in Lealand, and came home early.

Ye 10th. High wind. I tooke Physick, wch wrought well. I was visited by severall friendes. Nabby walk’d wth Mrs. Gregson to Walton.

Ye 11th. Storm and some showers. This being ye anniversary of ye coronation of K Wm and Q Ma was kept here by ringing of ye bells, bonefires, etc. Ye Mayor treated att Rattcliffes. I began my steele course.

Ye 12th. High winds. I walk’d to see cous Johnson mare foal. We were wth Mr. Hodgkinson att ye ale, and sup’t att my sister’s.

Ye 13th. Windy, but fayr. Coll Rawstorne had a letter from my Ld Brandon to keep ye Irish men close prisoners. Mr. Bland preach’t an excellent, incentive to courage. Mr. Greenfeild pay’d his way.

Ye 14th. Very fayr and warme. I was wth Major Noell. Mr. Greenfeild and Sudall went to London.

Ye 15th. Very fayr. I saw ye horse heat – 9 minutes 4 mile. I walk’d to Walton wth Dr Lee, and after view’d Burkell’s engine for great guns to approach wthout danger of ye engineers. Mr Chaddock came home and tell us that ye Dover and St. Albans came into Highlake and brought 2 prizes taken off Ireland wth some officers and soldiers.

Ye 16th. fyne wth some small showers. Ye monthly fast very solemnly observ’d. Mr Langton came from Lerpoole and brought a letter from Bell of Dublin to ald: Squire

Ye 17th. fayr but windy. I went to meete Mr. Fleetwood att ye marsh. Coll Matthews came to town. Cous Green had a quarrell wth one Attkinson belonging to the navy. Words and blows happen’d and a great uproar was made. He tooke them before a magistrate. It is thought Sam Green was in drinke.

Ye 18th. Very fayr. I went wth Coll Matthewes to see Dore and Bourke. These Irishmen were taken att Lodge and att ye ashes and brought to town. I treated Collonell Matthewes att George Rattcliffes. Ye Sacramt adminstred.

Ye 19th. Very fayr. A Dutch troop came to town. I was a little time wth Mr Farrington and others. I went to visit Dore, and found a Dutch trooper wth him, on whose toe he had trod when I came in.

Ye 20th. Very fayr. Very many Communicants (God be praysed). Mr. Bland made a very good sermon in ye afternoon. I walk’t wth Nabby a good while in Enam Garden. I sent a token to D. Bickerton.

Ye 21th. Still very fyne. One Dodsworth, a person who pretends to discover a plott of ye Papists, is come to this town. He insists much upon having money before he informes. I was wth Coll Matthewes, Major Longworth, etc., att Rattcliffes, and was in ye evening att Enam, where my cousen W. B. treated ye women.

Ye 22th. Very fayr. Ye Dutch troop sent out a party to apprehend Papists, and brought in one Irish man, who had his wife wth him. In ye evening we had a bowl of Punch att ye mitre.

Ye 23th. Some showers towards evening. This day severall of ye gentlemen had a very good dinner att ye marsh, and bowld in ye afternoon. We had an account by one come from Chester that Sr Clouds Shovell went into Dublin bay wth ye mounthmoth yatcht and his own pinnace, and brought thence a man of warr of 25 guns.

Ye 24th. Very fayr. In ye afternoon Cous W. B. and W. P. and I treated ye women att Walton.

Ye 25th. Very fayr. I went wth W. B. and W. P. to see Major Farrington, who lyes very ill of ye gout and stone. He tould us he had Beere of nine yeares old. We call’d on Mr. Dandy, and we came home, where W. B. and I saw a very comicall sight.

Ye 26th. Very fayr. I din’d wth Mr. Fleetwood and Coll Matthewes att Coll Rawstornes, where we were handsomely entertain’d, and after dinner were very merry att Rattliffs.

Ye 27th. Very hott weather. Mr. Gregory preach’t twice, and was att Church both times. Coll Matthewes in the evening. Nabby and I tooke a long walke. We had an acct by this dayes newes of great clashing in the house of Commons and it came to drawing of swords.

Ye 28th. Very fyn, but somewhat windy. Great cocking att Graystocks. I din’d wth Coll Matthewes att cous Johnsons. Mr. Luke King and Mr. Frankes came from London.

Ye 29th. Very much raine about mid night and some showers in ye morning. I din’d wth Sr Edw Chisnall, who came here to stand for Burgess in the roome of ye Ld Willoughby, who is call’d to ye house of Lords. I went to ye marsh a cocking, and after was late wth Sr Edw Chisnall and Luke King.

Ye 30th. Very much raine most of this day. Sir Edw Chis went hence. I wrote by Campbell to Ireland, and was in ye evening wth Cous B and Coll Rawstor.