Fishwick tithe schedule and plan

Ashton tithe schedule
Preston tithe schedule
Ribbleton tithe schedule and plan
More maps and plans relating to Preston and Lancashire

Volunteers working for the Lancashire Place Name Survey have put local historians in their debt by transcribing and putting on line tithe schedules for Lancashire (DRB/1), including the schedule of 1843 for Fishwick township (DRB/1/79)

The tithe schedules list plot numbers, owner, occupier, plot description, usage, area (in statute acres, roods and poles) and the rental for each plot payable to the owners of the tithes and their successors in compensation for the loss of tithes. The rental figure is not included in the archives transcript. I’ve converted the acres, roods and poles into statute acres expressed as a decimal and added the result as a column to the table below. This greatly aids analysis in, for example, totalling the land holdings of individual landowners. Anybody wanting to carry out such analysis should email for a copy of the Excel spreadsheet of the table.

Plans based on the schedule showing plot numbers, owners, occupiers and field names will be put on line here shortly.

Plot numberOwnerOccupierPlot descriptionUsageAcresRoodsPolesDecimal acreage
1Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonPlantationswood42314.69
2Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonButtswood02170.61
3Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonButtsmeadow6286.55
4Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonButtswood1241.53
5Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonButtswood13391.99
6Henry Bence Bence Esq et alSamuel HorrocksPlantation plantation0310.76
7Henry Bence Bence Esq et alHenry HeysMeadowpasture22332.71
8Joseph Livesey EsqThomas CooperPasture Fieldpasture51345.46
9Joseph Livesey EsqThomas CooperOld Roadpasture02100.56
10Joseph Livesey EsqThomas CooperField adjoining Roadpasture22232.64
11William Shawe EsqJohn CookeOld Roadpasture10311.19
12Henry Bence Bence Esq et alJames WalmsleyLittle Meadowpasture12191.62
13Henry Bence Bence Esq et alJames WalmsleyFoot Path Fieldpasture72297.68
14 }Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonButtsmeadow91209.38
15 }Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles Swainson0.00
16Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonButtsmeadow52255.66
17Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonGardens etcgarden1061.04
18Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonHouse Lawn and Stables30273.17
19Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonBarns and Roads01230.39
20Henry Bence Bence Esq et alCharles SwainsonBrowspasture141714.29
21Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingWest Fieldpasture61326.45
22Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingHospitaltillage2132.27
23Henry Bence Bence Esq et alJames BlackburnCrookpasture12381.74
24Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingLower Meadowtillage33123.83
25Henry Bence Bence Esq et alPeter MellingFar New Heypasture6356.78
26Henry Bence Bence Esq et alPeter MellingGreat New Heymeadow5305.75
28Henry Bence Bence Esq et alPeter MellingSims Old Meadowmeadow23302.94
29Henry Bence Bence Esq et alPeter MellingOld Meadowmeadow60316.19
30Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingWheat Heymeadow40354.22
31Henry Bence Bence Esq et alJames BlackburnAshworths Wheat Heymeadow22212.63
32Henry Bence Bence Esq et alPeter MellingAshworths Old Meadowmeadow32163.60
38Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingFitch Fieldpasture3133.27
39Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingBrowpasture12381.74
40Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingGardengarden00220.14
42Henry Bence Bence Esq et alJames BlackburnMoiety of Gardengarden00100.06
42Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingMoiety of Gardengarden00100.06
44Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingOrchardgarden0170.29
45Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingGardengarden00110.07
52Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingHouse and Gardengarden01280.43
53Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingBarn and Green00270.17
54Henry Bence Bence Esq et alEdmund PotterHudsons Broworchard33223.89
56William Shawe EsqWilliam YatesGardengarden02150.59
57William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonBarn Heymeadow11201.38
58William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonGardengarden00320.20
59William Shawe EsqHenry KerfootGardengarden01280.43
60William Shawe EsqEdward WeardenGardengarden00160.10
62William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonHouse Barn and Shippon0000.00
63William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonOrchardmeadow02180.61
64William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonLittle Croftgarden0100.25
65William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonLittle Croftgarden0100.25
66William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonBarn Heypasture03370.98
67William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonBarn Heypasture02370.73
68William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonBarn Heypasture31303.44
69William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonBeast Heymeadow4374.79
70William Shawe EsqJames AshcroftGill Bankpasture23212.88
71William Shawe EsqJames AshcroftGill Bankpasture02180.61
72William Shawe EsqJames AshcroftGill Bankpasture01280.43
73William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonCarrspasture31223.39
74William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonCarrspasture30383.24
75William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonCarrstillage1021.01
76William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonCarrstillage10361.23
77William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonCarrstillage10281.18
78William Shawe EsqWilliam RobinsonClarks Carrmeadow13171.86
79Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingCarrstillage1161.29
80William Shawe EsqWilliam MargisonGardengarden00340.21
81Joseph Livesey EsqPeter MellingCarrstillage12211.63
82William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockJacks Fieldtillage12211.63
84William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryGall Croftmeadow03270.92
85William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryMeadowmeadow21152.34
86William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryOrchardpasture02200.63
87William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryGardentillage01100.31
88William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryPull Acremeadow3323.76
89William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryWaste on Ribble Sidepasture13111.82
90William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBriery Fieldmeadow62176.61
91William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesLong Teammeadow40294.18
92William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonJack Meadowmeadow22302.69
93Joseph Livesey EsqJames BriggsJacks Meadowpasture23392.99
94William Shawe EsqGeorge BerrySladespasture23182.86
95Joseph Livesey EsqJames BriggsJacks Meadowtillage22262.66
96William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryJack Meadowmeadow1331.77
97Joseph Livesey EsqJames BriggsDock Acremeadow3003.00
99Joseph Livesey EsqJames BriggsAnsell Meadowmeadow21352.47
100William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesBridge Meadowmeadow43374.98
101William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryRow Meadowpasture1291.56
102William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryHouse Barn Yard etc03120.83
103William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryMeadowmeadow41184.36
104William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryMeadowmeadow3223.51
105William Shawe EsqGeorge BerrySandy Lane Meadowmeadow22192.62
106William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryDock Acremeadow3043.03
107William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesCarrtillage20102.06
108William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryRushy Meadowmeadow22302.69
109William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryLime Fieldpasture12331.71
110William Shawe EsqWilliam RobinsonBig Carrmeadow5315.76
111William Shawe EsqJames AshcroftGill Bankpasture2252.53
112William Shawe EsqWilliam PhillipsonUnder Carrtillage20372.23
113William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryGarden00190.12
114William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrstillage1041.03
115William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrspasture23392.99
116William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrspasture21282.43
117William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrspasture21232.39
118William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrpasture10321.20
119William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrstillage00370.23
120William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryWoodwood33223.89
121William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightHigher Girdingmeadow31163.35
122William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightPaddockmeadow22392.74
123Joseph Livesey EsqJane MellingGardengarden00140.09
124Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingCurtis Meadowmeadow21322.45
125Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingWoodwood02130.58
126William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrstillage11231.39
127William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carrspasture02150.59
128William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryLong Meadowtillage61106.31
129William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryCross Slacktillage53375.98
130William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryMill Fleettillage60116.07
131William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryLittle Rowmeadow21172.36
132William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockCarr next Roadmeadow22392.74
133William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockMiddle Carrmeadow22132.58
134William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryGreat Rowmeadow1431614.85
135William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryLittle Carrtillage02170.61
136William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryCarr below Long Carrtillage2382.80
137William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryLow Carrtillage5225.51
138William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesNearer Pasture Fieldpasture50115.07
139William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockTunsteadpasture40124.08
140William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryRobert Meadowpasture80198.12
141William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryTen Landspasture30363.23
142Joseph Livesey EsqGeorge BerryPart of Cabin Fieldpasture42314.69
143William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryNext to Cabin Fieldpasture50145.09
144William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryNext to Cabin Fieldpasture22382.74
145William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryNew Heypasture2032620.91
146William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryThree Acre Meadowmeadow50105.06
147William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesTithe Barn Fieldmeadow21392.49
148Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingTean Barn Fieldtillage20392.24
149William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockWest Landsmeadow30143.09
150William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockWheat Acremeadow20362.23
151William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockNew Heymeadow31243.40
153William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockOld Meadowmeadow20232.14
154Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingLittle Fieldtillage20122.08
155Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingLong Fieldmeadow20372.23
156William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockMeadowmeadow2072.04
157Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingHard Head Fieldmeadow20352.22
158William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockMeadowmeadow22112.57
159William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryStandard Heypasture1213012.44
160William Shawe EsqJames MellingBarn Flattmeadow71147.34
161William Shawe EsqJames MellingField before Doormeadow43384.99
162William Shawe EsqJames MellingLittle Fieldmeadow22352.72
163William Shawe EsqJames MellingGardengarden00320.20
164William Shawe EsqJames MellingHouse Barn Fold Garden etcgarden0270.54
165William Shawe EsqJames MellingCobb and Old Fieldpasture53275.92
166William Shawe EsqJames MellingLong Bankpasture32293.68
167William Shawe EsqJames MellingWaterside Woodwood5065.04
168William Shawe EsqJames MellingGlade Brow Woodpasture12161.60
169William Shawe EsqJames MellingMayor Clough Woodwood03210.88
170William Shawe EsqJames MellingMayor Clough  pasture20262.16
171William Shawe EsqJoshua KnightGlade Browtillage12331.71
172William Shawe EsqJoshua KnightFishwick Shootmeadow1381.80
173William Shawe EsqJames MellingMarle Heypasture7267.54
174William Shawe EsqJames MellingHill Greenpasture140014.00
175William Shawe EsqJames MellingHill Green Brierytillage4184.30
176William Shawe EsqJames MellingBarn Croftgarden0330.77
177William Shawe EsqJames MellingCalf Croftpasture22312.69
178William Shawe EsqJohn AustenWoodwood11121.33
179William Shawe EsqJohn AustenLawn etcwood10341.21
180William Shawe EsqJohn AustenBarn and Waste0220.51
181William Shawe EsqEdward KnightGardengarden0360.79
182William Shawe EsqJohn AustenPlanatationwood03150.84
183William Shawe EsqJames MellingBarn Flattpasture100510.03
184William Shawe EsqJames MellingBarn Flattmeadow4244.53
185William Shawe EsqJames MellingBarker Meadowmeadow40214.13
186Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingLittle Barker Meadowmeadow20292.18
187Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingStack Fieldtillage32363.73
188William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockLong Carrpasture51265.41
190Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingCrofttillage03280.93
191William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryBack Carr pasture22242.65
192William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryWoodwood22172.61
193William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesKellet Heymeadow22302.69
194William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesKellet Woodwood03160.85
194aWilliam Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesKellet Browpasture11331.46
195William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesKellet Browgarden0120.26
196Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingGardengarden03170.86
197William Shawe EsqEdward KnightGardengarden00380.24
198William Shawe EsqHenry WoodsGardengarden0120.26
201William Shawe EsqEdward KnightGardengarden0180.30
202William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesCroftmeadow0220.51
203William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesGardengarden01110.32
204William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesHouse Barn Fold etc01180.36
205William Shawe EsqEdward KnightGardengarden02310.69
206William Shawe EsqJohn AustenGreen01110.32
207William Shawe EsqJohn AustenWoodwood11201.38
208William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightLow Fieldmeadow40174.11
209William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightRakespasture32283.68
210William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesOrchardtillage01230.39
211 }William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockHouse Barn Yard etc}0170.29
212 }William Shawe EsqGeorge Shorrock}0.00
213William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockGardentillage02360.73
214William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockPlanatationplantation01380.49
215William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesBrowpasture03360.98
216William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesNearer Browpasture01210.38
217William Shawe EsqWilliam HargreavesCorner Fieldpasture30273.17
218William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightGardengarden00300.19
219William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightCrofttillage02240.65
220William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightNearer Broad Fieldpasture33333.96
221William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightFurther Broad Fieldpasture32263.66
222William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightSweet Fieldpasture2322.76
223William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightLong Fieldpasture4274.54
224William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightCroftmeadow1081.05
226William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightCroftmeadow1121.26
228William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightCroftmeadow1291.56
229William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightCrofttillage1171.29
230Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingLiveseys Croftmeadow11391.49
231William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightCowels Crofttillage12251.66
232William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightLong Croftmeadow11171.36
233William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightOutletpasture2042.03
233aWilliam Shawe EsqJoseph KnightHouse Barn Yard etc02260.66
236 }William Shawe EsqWilliam HeysGardengarden0100.25
237 }William Shawe EsqWilliam Heys0.00
238William Shawe EsqGeorge ShorrockMeadowmeadow03290.93
239William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightGreat Meadowmeadow4294.56
240William Shawe EsqJoseph KnightClover Fieldmeadow3273.54
241Trinity Church Trustees John SergeantBulock Fieldpasture31343.46
243Joseph Livesey EsqJames MellingLiveseys Fieldmeadow23382.99
244William Shawe EsqJohn AnyonLittle Croftmeadow03290.93
245William Shawe EsqJohn SergeantFurther Fieldmeadow61296.43
246William Shawe EsqJohn SergeantField adjoining Cottagemeadow22192.62
247James Wareing HimselfGardengarden0060.04
248William Shawe EsqJohn AnyonHobb Croftpasture13391.99
249William Shawe EsqWilliam PhillipsonJohns Browtillage1271.54
250William Shawe EsqJames MarklandCommon Bankpasture4274.54
252Henry Blackhurst Gardengarden01240.40
254Messrs Swainson and BirleyJohn SergeantBrick Croft etc23282.93
261William Shawe EsqJohn MarginsonCroftmeadow11361.48
262Joseph Livesey EsqThomas CooperGardentillage02170.61
267William Shawe EsqGeorge BerryPart of Cabin Fieldpasture00340.21
 Occupation Roads etc2052.03
 Occupation Roads etc01130.33

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