Joseph Livesey’s Lakeland Retreat

Map showing Joseph Livesey's home in Bowness in 1851
Livesey’s Green Bank Lakeland home; Biskey Lodge, the home of his retired major general neighbour in 1861; and the probable location of the second property that Livesey built on his estate can be seen on the six-inch Ordnance Survey map surveyed in 1858 (map courtesy of the National Library of Scotland)

Joseph Livesey

When there is any reference to Joseph Livesey’s home it is invariably to the property he occupied in Bank Parade in the Avenham district of Preston. It is an attractive property but not nearly so palatial as many of the properties in nearby Ribblesdale Place and Winckley Square. But Livesey had a second home in Bowness, a true gentleman’s residence that to judge from its footprint and setting on the above map would have rivalled the finest houses in Preston. He seems to have settled himself into the village community, building properties for rent, establishing a temperance hall and providing an ornate drinking fountain at Bowness Pier to help keep visitors and residents from the Demon Drink.:

Joseph Livesey’s Lakeland Retreat

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