Preston’s Cambridge connections

Composite image of Alexander Rigby, Mother Mary Cephas and Isaac Ambrose
Some notable Preston Cambridge alumni: Alexander Rigby, Mother Mary Cephas and Isaac Ambrose. The image of Mary Cephas is from the Cardinal Newman College Archive:

The long list of Preston’s Cambridge alumni would provide a starting point for a Who Was Who for the town … or, to judge by some of the entries, would furnish a rogues’ gallery. The three above are among more than 300 graduates of the university either born in the town or who came there for education or employment between the 16th century and the beginning of the last century.

Their biographies are among thousands collected by John Venn and his son. They include the great and the not so good, the latter including a spectacular spendthrift and a headmaster accused of murder.

Many of the entries would form the basis for lengthier biographies, as with the maths prodigy Septimus Tebay.

The links to the material are:
Preston’s Cambridge men and (a few) women
Some notable Preston Cambridge alumni


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