Preston’s proud new face in 1881

When The Builder magazine sent its journalist to report on Preston in 1861 as part of a series titled ‘Condition of Our Towns’, he produced two lengthy articles which were scathing in their condemnation of the filthy conditions in which the town’s inhabitants were forced to live. In 1881 the magazine sent another journalist to report on the town, and what a difference two decades had made. The article has been transcribed and reproduced, with plentiful paragraph breaks to relieve the slabs of text in the original.

Read the full article here: Preston’s proud new face in 1881

The 1861 articles can be found here: A disturbing view of Victorian Preston.

The Public Hall, Preston 1908
The Public Hall, Preston 1908. Photograph taken during a meeting of the Preston Masonic Lodge. Source: Barney Smith’s Preston Digital Archive

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