Lancashire Working Lives website

Lancashire Working Lives is a new website devoted to working class history in the county – it launched only a few weeks ago but is based on years of research and is already well-stocked with material. And what is of especial interest to anybody studying the history of Preston is that most of that material relates to Preston.

Jim Leigh, one of the people contributing to the site, explained the thinking behind its launch:

A number of people have helped create the site who share a passion for working class history, along with the struggle and suffering they have endured over the years. I myself am a committed Trade Unionist of over 40 years with a particular interest in the circumstances that led to the development of our movement as well as the political/social issues of the time.

I am not an academic and the material you see on the site has been acquired after many years researching local newspapers from the Victorian era, the Preston Chronicle and Preston Guardian. The inspiration behind this site was to create more awareness of this relatively ignored aspect of local Trade Union/political and social history. We hope to add more material in the future.

Find it here:

2 thoughts on “Lancashire Working Lives website

  1. Just got round to looking at the ‘Lancashire Working Lives’ website. Really impressed by the range of topics and the amount of material relevant to Preston & South Ribble. Another real asset to all who are interested in local history. Thanks for circulating the link.


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