On this day … 8 January 1848

Fulwood Barracks, Preston
According to the Lancashire Infantry Museum website this old print pictured shows ‘Fulwood Barracks in its early days. The curtain wall is complete and the Main Gate is angled at 45 degrees to the front aspect to aid defence against attack from the mob’. For more information: https://www.lancashireinfantrymuseum.org.uk/fulwood-barracks
Source: Barney Smith’s Preston Digital Archive

The Preston Guardian reported that the first soldiers had taken up residence at the new Fulwood Barracks, where construction was still ongoing. The troops consisted of two companies of 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles.

Work had begun on the barracks in 1843, at a time when Chartist radicalism was frightening the government. It was completed in June 1848, the last of seven barracks built to house troops to deter Chartist rioters. By the time it was completed, Chartism had become more or less a spent force.

The barracks, on Watling Street Road in Fulwood, is built of Longridge stone, which was brought to Preston to the original terminus of the new Preston to Longridge railway behind Stephenson Terrace, a short distance away on Deepdale Road. The line had opened in 1840 to serve the Longridge quarries, and the new houses appearing around the Deepdale station at this time were faced with the Longridge sandstone delivered to the station.

The barracks was built on the site of the Earl of Derby’s Fulwood racecourse, which he had established in 1786, on land owned by the Duchy of Lancaster.

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