Preston History Library

Avenham Institution, Preston
The Institution for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge at Avenham — just one of the superb line drawings to be found in Charles Hardwick’s History of Preston, one of the books added to the library.

I’ve just started building a Preston History on-line library to bring together in one place the ever-growing out-of-copyright books and articles relating to the history of the town that are appearing on the internet. It’s very much a work in progress and so feedback that can iron out any access problems would be gratefully received, before more titles are added. The aim is to provide material that can be viewed on line, printed, downloaded and searched.

Preston History Library

One thought on “Preston History Library

  1. Thank you for these glimpses into our Preston History. I have not had time yet to read the articles thorougly, so I look forward to having a long read once I have caught up on all the things I need to do to lead a more lesisurly life ! Hopefully soon.


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