Preston History Library additions

Three more titles added to the Preston History Library. A history of Preston Parish Church by Tom Smith and two histories of Goosnargh: a fairly weighty one by Henry Fishwick and a very readable one by Richard Cookson.

Mr Cookson was headmaster of Goosnargh School from 1832 to 1873, at a time when teachers were poorly paid. He supplemented his income by becoming Registrar of Births and Deaths for the district and running a farm, and still found time to write books.

He married late in life after a very long courtship when he and his bride were in or approaching their eighties, the marriage delayed, if I remember rightly, by opposition from his wife’s family, who thought he was after her (their) money. There was, again if I remember rightly, an ugly squabble over the will after his wife died.

Preston History Library

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