A new blue plaque for Preston

Preston Cititizens Advice garden party 1947
Avice Pimblett, the recipient of Preston’s latest blue plaque, is pictured third from right on the front row at a Citizens Advice garden party in 1947.

Patricia Harrison, chair of the Friends of Winckley Square, posted the following on the Preston Historical Society’s Facebook page:

A Blue plaque was unveiled outside 7 Ribblesdale Place on 2nd November for Avice Margaret Pimblett who was a woman of ‘Preston firsts’: first woman Town Councillor, first woman Alderman and first woman Mayor.
The ‘Representation of the People’ Act in 1918 changed the lives of many women. For the first time women could vote if they were over 30 and met a property qualification. Avice’s local social activity over many years was recognised by the voters of the Fishwick Ward and she became the first female councillor in 1920. Her public service was recognised by her peers when she became the first woman mayor in 1933. It is sad that her husband died in 1938 before, in the same year, she was awarded an OBE for her public service to Preston.
She served on Preston’s Town Council for over 40 years and retired in 1961. Two years later she died at the age of 83.
She had a major impact on the lives of Prestonians, concerning herself particularly with women and children’s social, educational and welfare issues … Susan Douglass researched Avice’s story which had been forgotten over time.
You will be able to read Avice’s whole story on the Friends of Winckley Square Website soon. www.winckleysquarepreston.org

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