Tulketh Hall Archaeology Group

Front page of Tulketh Hall Archaeology Facebook groupA new Preston Facebook group was launched earlier this month dedicated to Tulketh Hall: https://www.facebook.com/groups/226706995078728/about/

The members hope to build on the detailed history of the hall on this site written by Kim Travis. Kim is contributing to the group.

Their intentions are clearly set out in the extract below and quite a few interesting ideas are already emerging:

Did you know Preston once had a castle? in 1959 Preston lost its most historically significant building when Tulketh Hall was shamefully demolished, ending over 1000 years of history. The site has been a Norman Keep, the original site of Furness Abbey and a 900 year old Stately Home.

Since then the building and its history has been largely forgotten, with little visible references remaining. We would like to change this. We would like to raise the profile of this important site. We aim to organise an archaeological survey of the site. We would like to work with stakeholders at LCC and the Youth Services at Star Youth Club to remodel and repurpose the area. To excavate some of the remains of the Hall, to try and create a fabulous resource for the community which would allow children to see and explore the history of the site and perhaps partly in the form of an adventure playground in the building’s foundation and ruins. And perhaps eventually to reunite as a whole if James Mercer’s car park became available.

There is already quite a bit of new information on the pages and the group is eagerly seeking more contributions.

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