This section contains biographies of people who appear on this site. At present they relate in the main to the late 17th-century Bellingham/Rawstorne diaries. Several of the persons are obscure and the sources often ambiguous, so the short biographies can consist of a few scattered references which might or might not refer to the person being considered. Other biographies are fuller. Only the better-off residents or visitors to the town feature in the diaries, so the entries present a select picture of the population at that time. What they do reveal is the importance of the town as both a social and an administrative centre for Lancashire, with gentry from the county and beyond paying frequent and often extended visits. Several came from Ireland  because of the troubles there following James II’s flight from England in 1688. An earlier Irish connection with the town can be found in the history of the Preston family, members of which established themselves in Drogheda in the early 14th century.

Sir Alexander Rigby of Lancashire
Alexander Rigby — the leading member of family that played a major role in Preston affairs throughout the 17th century. Biographies below.
Septimus Tebay - Rivington Grammar School headmaster
Septimus Tebay — From the back streets of Preston to the back streets of Farnworth by way of Cambridge and headship of Rivington Grammar School, the life of Septimus Tebay is a remarkable story of clogs to clogs in one generation. Biography below.
Bernard Page - Jesuit priest
Fr Bernard Page — one of three Preston Catholic clergy who served on the Western Front in the Great War. The others were Fr Tom Baines, who died in France in 1918, and Fr John Myerscough. Biographies below.
Col Thomas Bellingham — one of a pair of Preston 17th-century diarists (the other was Lawrence Rawstorne) whose diaries open a window on life in 17th-century Preston, and reveal the web of family and social connections that enabled the gentry to govern Lancashire. Biographies below.

Ashton, James / Assheton, Richard / Atkinson, William

Banastre, Christopher /  Banks, TimBarnacle, Henry / Barton, Mr / Bellingham, Abigail / Bellingham, Alan / Bellingham, Thomas / Bellingham, William / Bickerton, Anne / Birch, Rev Thomas / Bland, James / Bold, Peter / Bostock, Richard / Bostock, Thomas / Braddyll, Thomas / Brockholes, John / Brooke, Richard / Bushell, Rev William

Chisenhall, Sir Edward / Cholmondeley, Thomas / Clayton, Capt Robert / Clegg, Richard / Clifton, Sir Thomas / Cockshutt, John / Colton, William / Coghill, Sir John / Croston, Richard

Dandy, Andrew /

Eaves, Oswald – abbot / Ergham family /

Farington, Alexander / Farington, Maj Henry / Farringtons of Leyland / Farrand, Mr / Ferrars, John / Fleetwood, Edward / Fleetwood, Richard / Fleetwood, Thomas / Franks, John / Frowde, Philip

Gerard, Charles – Lord Brandon / Gipps, Thomas / Green, Sam / Greenfield, Sir Christopher / Greenfield, Thomas / Greenhalgh, Thomas / Gregory, Peter / Gregson, Josiah

Harrison, Richard of Poulton / Heirdson, Augustine / Hobson, William / Hodgkinson, Thomas / Hoghton, Benjamin / Hoghton, Sir Charles / Holden, Thomas / Holt, James / Hornbys of Poulton

Jackson, Richard / Johnson, Alexander

Kellet, John / Kenyon, Roger clerk of the peace / King, Luke / Kirkby, Roger / Kuerden, Dr Richard

Lang, George – land surveyor / Langton, Richard / Leigh, Dr Charles / Lemon, William / Livesey, Ralph / Longworth family

Marshall, Dorothy – historian / Matthews, Edward / Molyneux, Caryll / Molyneux, Sir John and Thomas / Moulding, Ellen — a working-class biography

Noble, John — Catholic radical / Nowell, Christopher

Osbaldestons of Osbaldeston

Page, Bernard — priest / Park, James Allan — judge / Parker, Christopher / Parkers of Browsholme / Patten, Thomas / Patten, William / Pedder, Arthur Edward — 1841-1916 / Pedder, Edward — 1717-1789 / Pedder, James — 1731-1772 / Pedder, Paul — 1697-1742 / Pedder, Peter — 1700-1745 / Pedder, Philip — 1702-1727 / Pedder, Richard — 1659-1726 / Pedder, Richard — 1693-1762 / Pedder, Richard — 1712-1744 / Pedder, Thomas ( ?-1680) / Pedder, Thomas — 1667-1734 / Pedder, Thomas — 1729-1781 / Pennington, Sir William / Piggott, George / Piggott, Robert / Prestons of Preston / Preston, Thomas of Holker / Pullein, Tobias

Radcliffe, George / Rawstorne, Lawrence / Richmond, Dr Sylvester / Rigby Alexander 1594-1650 / Rigby, Alexander 1620-94 / Rigby, Charles / Rigby, Edward 1627-86 / Rigby, Edward c1653-1706 / Rigby, Thomas / Rishton, Ralph / Roberts, John / Robinson, Thomas / Rochfort, Richard / Rycroft, Henry

Sallom, John / Scanfield, John – Quaker / Sherriff, ? / Springhams / Standish, Sir Richard / Stanley, James – 10th Earl of Derby / Stanley, Sir Thomas / Stanley, William – 9th Earl of Derby / Suddell, Roger / Swansey family / Symson, Joseph

Taylor, Zachary / Tebay, Septimus / Threlfall family of Goosnargh / Tomlinson, William / Tootell, Christopher

Veales of Whinney Heys / Vavasour, Sir Walter /

Wall, Anthony / Wall, Lawrence / Walmesley, Rev George / Walmsley, Nicholas / Ward, Thomas / Warren, John / Werden, William / Wescombe, Anthony / Westby, Thomas / Whitehead, Thomas / Winckley, Thomas / Withers, Capt. Henry / Worthington, John / Wroe, Richard

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