Preston History Library additions

I’ve added more titles to the Preston History Library. They include: Alan Crosby’s article on using surnames to trace migration into Preston in the fourteenth century; David Hindle’s history of music halls in Preston; Andrew Hobbs’s history of Preston newspapers in the last half of the nineteenth century; and Zoe Lawson’s article on shops and shopkeepers in the working-class districts of Victorian Preston.

Also of Preston relevance are two articles on the ever-interesting Lancashire Past website:

2 thoughts on “Preston History Library additions

  1. Good morning Peter,                                  just been reading the article on Penwortham Old Bridge and found it confusing!  It talks about a 6th arch at right angles but shows a picture of the West Lancashire Railway Bridge! I suspect the arch it refers to is the small one that was used in the past as a gents toilet, now sealed off.                                                                            Regards                                                                                        Pete Wilkinson.                               


    1. You’re quite right, Pete. The ‘sixth arch’ image is part of the former railway bridge, not the 18th-century road bridge. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, the LancashirePast website does not allow comments and there are no contact details. So this entry will have to go uncorrected on their site. But not here, thanks to you.


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